Dominoes Finally Begin to Fall, Barack Obama’s Crime ‘is Treason’


Barack Obama committed the crime of treason, President Trump insists. A hundred years ago, Obama “would’ve been executed” for it. We still have the Deep State trying to run the show from behind the scenes, but one by one, the dominoes are beginning to topple.

The crime is treason

When the democrats tried to impeach President Donald Trump, they couldn’t name a single crime he allegedly committed to justify removing him from office. Trump, on the other hand, has no problem naming a crime that Barack Obama committed. Treason. They used to hang people for that.

President Donald Trump appeared on Christian Broadcasting Network Monday and confirmed that he is personally convinced Barack Obama committed treason by spying on his campaign in 2016.

“Treason. Treason. It’s treason,” President Trump emphasized. “They’d been spying on my campaign. They’ve been taping — a modern-day version of taping — spying on my campaign.” It’s not like President Trump hadn’t been saying that all along or anything. “Turned out I was right,” he told David Brody. “Let’s see what happens to them now.”

John Durham on the job

President Trump explained that he is totally staying out of the deep digging probe thats underway by U.S. Attorney John Durham. “I want to stay out of it because otherwise, it’s going to look political.” He can’t wait to see what turns up though. “Let’s see what they come up with.”

“They don’t have to tell me,” the president declares. It’s treason. He already knows what happened in the early days of the bogus “Trump-Russia investigation.” Durham’s team is looking hard at things like the “insurance policy” cooked up in Andrew McCabe’s office by conspirators including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Their plan “B” if Trump managed to defeat Hillary Clinton at the polls was “spying on his campaign to try to find dirt on him.”

Along with Page, Strzok, and McCabe, were what the president called a “rogue’s gallery” of Deep State conspirators. Things got spooky after November when former CIA director John Brennan, former director of national Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI director James Comey plotted to remove him from office. According to President Trump, Barr has “got them in his crosshairs.”


You can bet that if the republicans had been spying on Hillary the results would have been a lot different. “If it was the opposite, two years ago, 25 people would have been convicted and they would be sent to jail for 50 years. And by the way, if it were 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, they would have been executed, but we’re in a different time,” Trump fumed. Treason is a serious thing. “We’re in a different time. You understand what I mean by that. They spied on the opposing party’s campaign and we caught them.”

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  1. The People that spied on the Trump Campaign is more than 50 participants because it involved several Federal Law Enforcement Departments and it will take years to end this kind of activity. One staller of them is the current FBI Director.

  2. I doubt that simply spying on a competitor’s campaign could be considered “treason” (aiding and abetting a foreign enemy), but it might could be “sedition” (attempt to destroy our government)–even that might be a stretch. I’m sure that there exist appropriate laws that were broken, however.

    • The enemy, who have stated they want our destruction is China. These Traitors served this Republic up to them on a silver platter…they sold us out.

    • Trump is using a more general definition of treason… “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.” He’s obviously not using the definition in the US Constitution. He is generally saying that in times past, these acts would have been treasonable, and they would have been.

      The US Constitution defines treason as, “levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Meaning, if you are a US citizen and you declare war against the US or give aid to our enemies, that is treason.

      For example, if you illegally smuggled guns and money to Mexican drug cartels, Iran, or the Muslim Brotherhood, that would fall under aid and comfort of our enemies. Or say you went to Vietnam during a war and supported the North against the US, and went on TV and spoke against the US, and turned over messages prisoners secretly gave you with their SS# so the government and their families would know they are still alive, and you turn those over to the enemies and some of those prisoners are executed for it, those sorts of things would fall under treason.

      • You mean Like Obama. Holder etc with the F&F Guns. My husband and I were in Mexico City when Pretty Boy Vinciente was arrested walking out of a Mexico City hotel after his 78th recorded meeting with American DEA agents. He stated and had 78 hours of recorded conversations to back up the fact that he and El Chappo Guzman were working with the Obama administration. They were promised immunity. The F&F guns were part of their agreement. It was all over Mexican TV. Not a peep in the states. The recordings could not be used or even mentioned in court as the DEA agents did not agree to be recorded! I won’t mention Hanoi Jane.

    • The Firing Squad has already been assembled. The targets have been tracked and their routines cataloged. WE will miss some but WE will deliver ‘big fish’ to fry up. You can bet all of the talking heads will be snuffed and fed to the audiences awaiting the news of their demise. Soon now.

  3. I do believe the Attorney General with Prosecutor John Durham will indict these evil creatures, and by the time they go through the Obama stooges and their THROWING UNDER THE BUS CONTEST we the DEPLORABLE ONES will find the Liar in Chief Obama on the top of the pile. In the pile will also be the Queen of Lies Clinton and her tarmac meeting husband Bill. My question is when is Linsey Graham going to stop stalling and start marching the rest of these creatures into a public hearing under oath. He claimed there were 29 creatures he was putting on notice?????????????????

      • you may censor me here, but you can NOT silence me. I will not be INTIMIDATED and scream it to the top of my lungs. They deserve punishment for lying and CORRUPTION! TREASON punishable by DEATH or youre now changing the rules to fit your marxist narrative??

        • God Bless you Alicia; dirty marxists, stupid Socialists and tyrannical regimes hear ME, “I’ll fight you to my last breath as will millions just like me!” ‘Let’s Roll’

  4. Nothing Obama did for the last 13 years or more has been for the benefit of actual Americans but benefitted all our enemies greatly as he stole TRILLIONS of taxpayer funds to do it all – Being a communist himself , he FUNDED the $3.7 Million to the communist chinese lab that intentionally CREATED the virus to kill as many as possible . ; ALL of that IS TREASON that should put him in GITMO with the REST of HIS TERRORISTS & a cheap rope !

  5. It must be political season again; or, maybe just the Trump era.
    Wackos are coming out again to resurrect old and long ago discredited claims of Obama era lawbreaking. Hmmm, could it just be another attempt to cover up Trump outlaw behavior; you know how he likes to make everybody ‘equal’. KKK mobs with a murderer in Charlottesville were equated to peaceful demonstrators. White supremacists are equal to anti-police demonstrators in Milwaukee. You know the drill. If there was EVER any wrongdoing by Obama era officials, top to bottom, it would have come out in 2016 campaigning–oops, Hillary was the object of that campaign–and again the playbook comes out to smear Obama, absent Hillary this time, and with a squeaky clean Joe Biden. You can fool some of the people all of the time–like Trump supporters. They like faux news, can’t distinguish valid sources from conspiracy theorists, don’t understand the free flow of valid and reliable news, the standard for mainstream media. Give them a reality show, deep state conspiracy or Trump rally speech any day–never mind the Washington Post identified 19,000 instances of Trump lying. Tell them a tale of daring-do every time.
    Obama era is old news; but Trump is lost for a positive stance in 2020 campaigning so revert to the old 2016 smear, hack and faux news tactics. It’s all very tiresome.

    • What kind of drugs and/or booze are you on? You are so very, very wrong. Obama has really done a job on your mind. I cannot believe there is anyone in this country who believes Barrack Obama is flawless. What an idiot you are. The Obama administration was the most corrupt administration in the history of this country. He gave ammunition to countries who want to kill us. He helped fund the Chinese so they could create this deadly virus that is killing a whole lot of people. And what about Biden and his son working with our enemies and made millions off it? I could go on and on. Stop drinking the spiked Kool-Aid and wake up. Our country is being destroyed and it all started with Obama. I cannot find printable words to tell you how very stupid and uniformed you are.

    • If you had waited one more day before you posted your drivel, you would’ve learned about how unclean obama and “squeaky clean” ( surely, you shlt me) joe biden are. After 10 years of the media, DOJ, and other politicians running interference for them, the cabal is exposed for the truly rat bastards that they are. Now comes The Reckoning.

    • You are the only believer in the great Obama. He was crooked from the time he was a community organizer. His entire political career has been an attempt to destroy America. As he said himself “in five days we will transform America”. The only America that needed to be transformed was the one in his head.

    • YOU’RE TIRESOME with your standing up for the FAUX Hawaiian Manchurian who is no more a citizen than his name-sake. That alone is just enough for any ‘father-loving’ Constitutionalist because WE know from which WE speak. You’re just a Socialist moron without a pocket-compass!

    • ……..and COMEY is a fine, honorable, law enforcement official, then throw in those agents who KNOWINGLY filed for a VISA warrant, with the full knowledge that the allegations supplied to substantiate false and suspect evidence, were unverified.

      But never mind that the collusion had several participants and THAT COLLUSION was not directed at TRUMP, but involved a few branches of government. ” Nothing to see here folks, move along now “

  6. We don’t have to depend on a hundred years ago to try the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II not only for high treason but as a foreign-agent saboteur. Just look at his so-called sealed records and you will find his communist mother’s passports she managed to procure for herself, her new lover, and her son Barack Hussein Obama II’s from Indonesia. Our nation’s representatives have lost their guts to try traitors for high treason. Just take a good look at our nation’s indoctrinated and brainless individuals getting away with destruction; and please don’t tell me they’re expressing their First Amendment rights. Our Founding Fathers never intended to include “destruction” as a First Amendment right!

    USAF (RET)

  7. Obama should already be in jail with his buddies, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, the FBI sleepers, the Obama admin freaks and creeps, you name it.

  8. Hold these treasonous people, including Obama accountable. If Trump is correct, then the axe should fall on those responsible. Time to stop pussyfooting around and get the job done and lock these people away for life, or as Trump had traitors and treason go hand in hand and we all know in the past hanging people for such actions was by the end of a rope. I’m still for a long lengthy prison sentence and not an easy gig…make them dig ditches and plow fields. Each would deserve the punishment they receive.

  9. I see alot of talk on public television… But no action of the world changing to the good… I see the bad over 40 years … This word Commonwealth…is that a big word for communist state…. I live I Pennsylvania and I haven’t been able to see any of president Trump’s brodtcasts at all…. Just part the news picks apart to put him down…. When can we see the truth

  10. Did any of you ever wonder how Barack Obama was able to attend Occidental College as a foreign student since he was born in Hawaii?
    His brother Malik can show you why. He has his birth certificate and guess where it lists Barack was born? How bout Kenya!!!

    • Irregardless of where he was born, which I agree with you on where. He was adopted and became an Indonesian citizen. Until 1986 IF you took another citizenship your US citizenship was eliminated by our gov. USA did not allow dual citizenship. His mom eliminated his US citizenship if he ever had it and that is why the passport agent was killed. Obama went to Indonesia to get his passport renewed on his way to Afghanistan with his boyfriend.

  11. I hope the Democrat party goes the way of the American Whig party. Totally corrupte and needs to be charged, convicted, sentenced and punished.

  12. Hang HIM HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “We were smaller then,you see,but soon we gathered like a storm,and they don’t understand what that thunder meant at all”

  13. Enough with the click bait headlines already , let’s see some that tell us that the worthless and illegal fraud is facing charges in court or has been arrested for treason . These investigations are endless and Obama is still walking around and trying to subvert our President and gover moment

  14. Although, there seems to be no question that Obama was the criminal ringleader, to me, it would seem that there is little chance that anything will happen to these criminals, regardless of the evidence.

    We have a two tiered system with criminals for politicians and few in the law enforcement and justice system have the stomache or integrity to do the right thing.

    The reason there is such lawlessness now is because of the total disrespect for the law, by the leaders, who themselves are lawless. Thus, the people are so utterly senseless that they can keep in office horrendous people, just because.

    For example, here in Brooklyn, the Democratic Party controls politics, the courts and the judiciary, whom they appoint and control, the unions, politicians, the agencies, the government, and the police. Same is true in Manhattan and Queens. Doesn’t this sound like any dictatorship? Well it is.

  15. These two morons should be in jail! Obama and Biden knew full well what was going on and probably planned if not ordered it all done. Obama should never have been president and Biden filled his family wallets till they were stuffed. Like the rest of the elected Dems they are criminals.

  16. Obama and Hillary will never see any jail time for their crimes. Mostly because they are Democrats. In the good ole days they would of already been hung or shot. No one will go against Hillary as those who knew too much are dead. Obama will get by because he is half niqqer.

  17. Nothing will happen to the “Black Messiah” for his treasonous acts (because the prosecutors would be afraid of the first black/muslim president indictment would cause a black uprising)….this is JUST another clear cut case of “White Privilege”…..Trump is impeached for NO REASON and Obozo walks free of treason….IT’S “White Privilege” I tell you…They will indict Sleazy Joe who might be playing “stupid” to try to save his/Hunter’s ass from prison for the Ukraine money laundering deal….then maybe he isn’t acting.

    • Playing stupid ? Joe is not playing , he really is stupid . It’s why Obama tapped him to be VP . And now old Joe is going senile , can’t remember where he is half the time , loses his train of thought (if ever he had one) while reading a prepared speech . Yep Obama chose right , Joe can’t testify against him .
      If anyone does face charges it will be the minions , I doubt Obama will ever face any real penalties beyond perhaps having his pension seized and revoked . As for hangings , sorry , the Sierra Club would never allow it . NOPE ,Not in their trees !

  18. Hanging them for Treason seems an appropriate punishment for our current time. But they’ll probably get a slap on the wrist & then be sent to live in retirement off the taxpayers like usual.

  19. Obozo’s spying on Trump is not his WORST act of TREASON. That would be his freeing of TERRORISTS that he knew would return to killing Americans and any other Nationalities trying to stop ISIS. That does also include the one Trump has taken out name was Sulliman or somethinv like it. That all was done to get Obozo’s Iran deal through so Iran could get Nukes and Obozo would get millions. When Trump had that fool killed he stopped all chances Obozo’s Iran deal could ever happen. So Obozo is not just a TRAITOR to AMERICA but one to all Humanity. He also committed TREASON by not punishing the Deserter and TRAITOR Bergdahl by name. That fool deserted and willfully joined the Taliban. He should be in the ground beside Obozo both should have gotten the Noose when Obozo got him brought home.

  20. History is where the answer is. The fish stinks from the HEAD down, and nothing gets done until . . .We are responsible for its condition and it is WE who will put this train back on tract. Where are the countries militants who are the ones to up-whole our constitutional rights? Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of our country- NOW! So cry not tears for her if you like the 12% for by-gone days do not stand up and deliver her out of the hands of these evil miscreants, amen and praise be to God.

  21. Obozo committed TREASON when he KNOWINGLY released 5. TERRORISTS to get another TRAITOR free from the Taliban who that TRAITOR willingly joined. That TRAITOR was and is Bergdahl. He deserted and willingly joined with the Taliban. Obozo who voted for the War on TERRORISTS freed these 5 TERRORISTS knowing that they would return to killing Americans and others as well. Giving aid to the enemy in TREASON and Obozo did it. As for his spying on Trump. It is a VILE ACT I am not sure it would be TREASON. Now if he is or was in on what those at the FBI( McCabe, Page, Strzok, Comey and Mueller were involved in then that is also TREASON. Those people were attempting to remove a duly elected sitting President as well as attempting to prevent a Candidate from being on the ballot.


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