Prison Cell

Trump ROCKED by Prison Sentence

The Donald Trump campaign was delivered a pretty heavy blow by the federal courts.

One of Trump’s most active surrogates, Steve Bannon, has been ordered to report to prison.

Bannon has until July 1 to report, which will prevent him from campaigning for Trump.

Major Loss

Bannon was convicted of contempt of Congress, which carries a four-month sentence.

There was a hold on Bannon having to serve the sentence while his appeals process played out, but a federal judge revoked that.

Bannon then filed an emergency appeal, which Biden’s Department of Justice fought against.

The judge clearly took the DOJ’s recommendation to heart because Bannon’s appeal was denied and he is now being forced to report by July 1 to a low-security facility in Connecticut.

Bannon was not eligible for minimum security, dubbed Club Fed, due to the fact he has another criminal matter pending in New York for having allegedly defrauded donors to the “We Build the Wall” scam.

In his argument, Bannon’s attorney stated, “This would also effectively bar Mr. Bannon from serving as a meaningful advisor in the ongoing national campaign.”

With Bannon’s sentence, he will now get out of jail only days before the campaign wraps up and voters head to the polls.

This is a major blow to Trump because Bannon goes where most other dare not, as nothing is taboo for the man.

This now makes the second Trump adviser that will be behind bars during the heart of the campaign, with Peter Navarro reporting to prison several weeks ago to serve his four-month term.

Now just imagine what happens if Judge Merchan, who has set Trump’s sentencing day to just four days before the RNC, orders Trump to house arrest or prison, effectively removing him from the campaign trail.

But no, the Democrats have not weaponized the DOJ, have they?

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