Military Makes Shocking UFO Announcement

There are so many UFO “orbs” flying around that military pilots are concerned they’re going to crash into one. They keep their fingers crossed that whatever is controlling the craft can stay out of their way. At a recent NASA briefing on “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” a “key Defense Department official made a striking disclosure.

Translucent orbs with cube center

Speaking for the Pentagon, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick got everyone’s attention by talking about the “metallic orbs” U.S. military personnel are observing “all over the world.” NASA recently held a surprisingly forthcoming briefing on UFO’s.

The preferred term is now “UAP” for “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” which means the same thing. He brought along a couple of photos and videos which are now publicly available.

The orbs seem to be a popular design for extraterrestrial scout ships. They have no idea what makes them go but as explained by the director of a new UAP analysis office, “spherical objects account for the largest proportion — nearly half — of all UAP reports received by his office.

Scientists are baffled by them because they’re capable of “very interesting apparent maneuvers.

Until someone can officially debunk the boxes full of inconsistencies, these “metallic orbs” are “prima facie evidence of extraordinary technology.” That means if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Strange spheres which lack “wings or apparent forms of propulsion” are flying circles around our fighter jets. They have collected enough similar sightings to have worked out a “profile” for the objects they’re encountering.

Range of attributes

Various reports have a lot of differences but they also have a bunch of similarities. The cube inside a translucent sphere is a commonly spotted UAP. They’re generally small. The profile describes “spherical” orbs roughly 3 to 13 feet in diameter.

Suggesting a range of drone or single-creature size up to craft with a crew of up to around seven. Of course, that would depend on the size of the occupants.

These strange orbs have been spotted visually and also show up on both radar and infrared. Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves had “daily encounters with unidentified objects exhibiting characteristics strikingly similar to those described by Kirkpatrick.

Between 2014-15 Graves was training along the U.S. east coast with around 50-60 fellow naval aviators. They all saw the same things. Some were hanging motionless in the air while others zipped around at velocities up to around Mach 2.

Because they’re so small and blend in with the sky, they’re hard to see. “A harrowing near-midair collision marked the first time a naval aviator in Graves’s squadron had observed one of the objects at close range.” He nearly hit whatever it was.

According to the pilot, the object appeared as a dark-colored cube inside of a clear sphere.” Kirkpatrick notes that “translucent” spheres are among the most commonly reported UAP characteristics. There are so many flying around that they’re a “critical risk” and “a severe threat to Naval Aviation.

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