Law Enforcement Agency SPILLS THE BEANS

Our Air Marshals are very upset with their current assignment.

With an al Qaeda threat on the wire, air marshals are not where they are supposed to be.

Instead of being on planes to prevent an attack, they are being shuffled to the border.

Makes No Sense

Several weeks ago, we reported that the order had been given to move air marshals from planes to the border to assist the processing of illegals.

Fox News reported, “High-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sources told Judicial Review that ‘al Qaeda says upcoming attacks on US possibly involving planes, will use new techniques and tactics.'”

Commonsense would dictate you move the air marshals back to the planes where they belong, but that is not happening.

Air Marshal National Council Executive Director Sonya Labosco stated, “It looks absolutely insane.

“We don’t understand why these decisions are being made. The intel is clear. Al Qaeda is watching for our weak areas.

“Our aviation is a high-risk area. We’re not protecting our aviation domain, and we’re going to the border. It is absolutely madness.”

She continued, “We do believe it’s a violation.

“We do believe that DHS has overstepped their bounds. We are waiting for Congress to get sworn in, hopefully today, and we can get some movement here. We need someone to step in, in Congress, and stop the deployment of federal air marshals.”

She added, “This statute, when it was originally a tent and set by Congress, was not to deploy air marshals to the border, and to be clear, there is no national emergency.

“There’s been no national emergency declared at this point. So we’re still saying that it is we need an injunction from Congress that they cannot send us to the border.”

Have to love Joe Biden… screw national security when illegal immigrants need taxi drivers.

Source: Fox News

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