All in the Same Week: 4 of U.S. Enemies Wipe the Floor With Weak Joe Biden

Trump sought and got great relations worldwide. He proved it could be done and how useless politicians are. Enter United States leaders under the Biden administration and their attitudes. Democrats are accustomed to talking over people and gas lighting. Democrats, you’re not dealing with Republicans now. World leaders do not behave the same way. Theater makes you look stupid.

Biden supposedly does foreign relations

But he’s spent 47 years in government. That’s too long. He’s a puppet and those around him are accustomed to working a certain way.

Based on bombing Syria and generally being jerks to China, the Chinese may think we want war. Gunpowder and drama indeed. Don’t throw stones at glass houses. World leaders demand some respect or you can find they don’t come to the table again or you start World War III.

Biden and team doesn’t seem to understand

They look like fools doing grandiose things for the news. Don’t be doing the same thing you’re accusing the other party of doing. Obama managed the news cycle. That’s nonsense in this setting.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian came up against Americans overrunning their time for opening comments. There were plenty of disputes, human rights among them. “It was the U.S. side that … provoked the dispute in the first place, so the two sides had a strong smell of gunpowder and drama from the beginning in the opening remarks. It was not the original intention of the Chinese side,” Zhao remarked at the briefing.

Biden fighting the virus

Biden will be fighting more things than COVID at this rate.  The Chinese will go down with the ship before admitting they were wrong about letting that virus out. The culture does not admit to failure. It can bring whole families down. With them it’s personal.

Americans can see the hypocrisy, so can others. The Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken got in the face of CCP foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi about their form of government. The Chinese have had this form of government for longer than Mr. Blinken’s been alive, over 60 years. I’m sure Yang was disgusted by the condescending attitude presented by US officials. Not conducive to good relations.

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