Hillary Clinton Forced to Turn Over Emails

Hand the emails over. Not redacted, not partial. ALL of them. Tough to claim attorney-client privilege when the material has already been distributed to third parties. The funding of that research against Trump violated rules too. Durham has been working quietly to obtain evidence from a number of places, including the snakes in Hillary Clinton’s closet. Trump knows what Hillary did, it just needs to be proven.

Clinton will eventually be revealed

Special Counsel John Durham just got another step. U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper said GPS Fusion needed to turn almost two dozen emails over to John Durham’s team.

Fox News confirmed,

“Those emails – which are largely exchanges between Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman and Fusion GPS – are part of a batch that prosecutors subpoenaed last year. U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper blocked prosecutors from getting 16 of those emails but allowed Durham to obtain 22. Cooper ruled that the 16 emails in question were protected by attorney-client privilege and attorney-work-product while the remaining 22 were not. Still, the judge ruled that those emails will not be admissible in the impending trial of Sussman – who is charged with lying to the FBI during a September 2016 meeting – because of the untimeliness of Durham’s request.”

Michael Sussman has been indicted

Clinton’s 2016 campaign lawyer is in trouble for lying to the FBI. Sussman lied about who he represented when he gave information on Trump to the bureau.

Sussman’s legal team has been insisting the documents Durham wants are protected by attorney-client privilege. Sorry, no, Durham said. Can’t claim that when those documents have already been distributed to third parties.

Clinton needs to hand them over

The federal judge agreed with Durham. “UPDATE – Durham won the first part of the fight. Durham’s motion to compel has been granted. “Privileged” Fusion GPS e-mails/docs will be provided to the court for in camera review. The court will then determine whether the “privileges” apply. (Durham will get the docs.),” Techno Fog cited the ruling along with screen grabs.

In April, Techno Fog reported about the Steele Dossier, “Fusion GPS poisoned the public with deceitful ‘opposition research’ And now, to keep documents from Durham, the Clinton Campaign tells the court Fusion GPS was providing ‘legal advice’ The lies are catching up to them.”

Clinton can only shield for so long

The DNC is in this too. The Federal Election Commission has already fined Democrats for violating rules involving monies used for research.

Michael Sussman’s trial is due to begin this month. You do not lie to the FBI and that’s what Sussman did. Among the motions included with Durham’s filing was the FEC’s “Conciliation Agreement” with Clinton and the DNC. FEC found “probably cause to believe” that the two had not properly reported payments to Perkins Coie for the research.

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