Drug Bust Turns Deadly, Undercover Agents Open Fire on One Another


A small country neighborhood in South Carolina got a brutal introduction into violence.

Police found four dead bodies and a fifth victim still breathing in Inman, SC.

The fifth person also died, passing away during surgery.

Horror Strikes

The police have no clue what happened here at this point.

Two victims, 37-year-old Thomas Ellis Anderson and 32-year-old Adam Daniel Morley, lived in the home.

The other three were not related to the victims and were not residents of the home.

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger stated, “The sheriff’s office, my office, nobody’s going to let up — not even the prosecutor’s office is not going to let up on this.

“They’re all hands-on deck. Everybody is really working hard on this.”

Police were not sure how long the bodies were in the home before being discovered.

However, a neighbor stated that she did hear gunshots just the night before the bodies were found.

Source: New York Post

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