Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk Drops Election BOMBSHELL… It’s Happening

Conservative pundit Charlie Kirk believes the move to Kamala Harris happening.

He recently posted on X regarding a big shift to Kamala.

With Biden clearly on a ticking clock to prove he can win this election, Kirk believes the Democrat Party is starting to grease the way for her to take over.

Get Ready for Kamala

Kirk posted, “Been checking with sources who cover the Biden campaign.

“According to them, there was a distinct shift yesterday in the tone from morning to evening.

“The Biden camp started yesterday defiant that Joe Biden would not be dropping out.

“By evening, that had shifted. Kamala Harris is seriously being considered to have her ‘moment’ at the top of the ticket.

“She’s also the only one who can keep the campaign’s money.

“A lot will hinge on this George Stephanopoulos interview on July 5.

“If Biden performs poorly, they don’t see how he survives. Nothing will happen either way until then.”

Kirk is right in that the only way the Biden campaign can keep the money is if Kamala heads the ticket, but this goes much deeper than that.

First, for the 25th Amendment to work, Kamala would have to be on board, and I just don’t see her stabbing Biden in the back like that, even though I know she would love to do it.

Second, if Biden turns down the nomination, then the electors pick the candidate, and there is no guarantee they will pick Kamala.

So, if Dems can convince Joe Biden to step down, I think he steps all the way down, resigns his presidency, and lets Harris run as the incumbent.

BUT, there is one obstacle in the way, that being Jill Biden, who clearly wants Joe to stay in the race so she can keep running the country (yes, I believe she is the shadow president).

That being the case, don’t expect Joe to go down without a fight.

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