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SICK Details Emerge on Hillary Clinton

One thing that we all need to realize is how much of a bullet that we dodged in 2016 when it came to Trump winning the election. Had Hillary Clinton won, this nation would be in such a dire state that there would be third world countries experiencing an influx of Americans looking to refugee status.

Now that John Durham’s final report is out, it’s easy to see why Hillary Clinton remains so bitter. With all the help she had from inside the FBI and Just Us Department, the 2016 election should have been in the bag. The special prosecutor’s assessment has shocked the network media into silence because he broke two huge stories at the same time.

They really don’t want to cover either one. Half of Durham’s report is devoted to how the FBI bent over backwards to crucify Donald Trump with manufactured Russian collusion. The other half describes the way those same bureau bigwigs did all they could to sweep Clinton’s dirt carefully under the rug and safely out of sight.

Hillary Clinton Fan Club

Andrew McCabe is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest fans. For a while, he was deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Instigation. In 2018 he was “fired in disgrace.” Everyone thought it was because of the role he played in Russiagate.

As New York Post points out, “after all, he essentially ran that fiasco, which Special Counsel John Durham definitively noted this week was a baseless farce.” It turns out that Andy was even sneakier than his Democrat friends realized.

The real reason McCabe got canned is because he’s a serial liar. Repeatedly, he “lied to investigators that he wasn’t leaking investigative information to the media.” He leaked in an intentional attempt to tilt the 2016 presidential election but he’s not the one accused of feeding Steele dossier leaks to the press. He was lying to cover Hillary.

One of the best ways to lie is by selectively telling the truth. That’s what he did to cover up shelving an investigation of her. He did it three more times, as well.

Durham revealed just how friendly the FBI is to the Clintons. The bureau “dropped at least four criminal investigations related to her.” One involved the Clinton Foundation.

Field agents in three separate offices had targets drawn around it, “Little Rock, Washington, and New York ā€” as a dodgy vehicle enabling donors, very much including foreign regimes and their operatives, to give goo-gobs of money to Hillary and Bill Clinton without appearing to violate the campaign finance laws.” Andy got fired for “leaking investigative information” on that one to the media.


McCabe was infuriated

When news broke during a crucial stretch of the 2016 campaign, “that he had tied the hands of investigators on the Clinton Foundation case,” he had one of those “Falling Down” kind of days. His wife was running for a state office in Virginia and had pocketed a huge chunk of campaign cash from “a fund tied to Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe.

That looked bad because “there was a strong suggestion of partisanship on McCabe’s part.” Everyone was starting to snicker that Andy canceled the probe as a favor to Hillary. “To push back against that, McCabe had his subordinates leak that the Obama Justice Department had pressured him to shutter the Clinton Foundation probe.” The great thing about that is it happened to be true.

John Durham backs up Andy on that one. The special prosecutor found “that the bureau had meetings with top Obama DOJ officials who were hostile to the investigation.” It made McCabe’s day when “one of them played down as ‘de minimis‘ evidence the FBI’s New York office’ obtained from an informant about the amounts of money involved.” Someone was trying to buy influence from Hillary with transactions that “totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When the “Obama DOJ, including its appointed U.S. attorneys in Manhattan and Brooklyn, made clear to the FBI that they had no interest in a Clinton Foundation case,” McCabe was grinning from ear-to-ear. That made it a whole lot easier to tell his disappointed investigators they were pulling the plug.

Another thing Durham found is that this “was a pattern.” He’s not certain but “there may have been evidence that foreign powers were trying to cultivate Clinton and possibly try to bring her under their influence.” He can’t say for sure because the FBI refused to investigate those charges. Back in 2014, before Hillary announced she was running, “the bureau got information about a foreign government’s effort to have one of its operatives contribute to Clinton’s campaign.

That FISA surveillance request collected dust in a drawer at bureau HQ “for months with no action taken.” Nobody wanted to touch anything that had the name “Clinton” attached to it in any way. “FBI officials, a supervisor recalled, ‘were pretty tippy-toeing around HRC because there was a chance she would be the next president.” She thought so, too.

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