Breaking: Adam Schiff Caught in the Act!

A new report has just revealed Democratic Representative Adam Schiff’s scheme. According to Politico, Schiff has been earmarking taxpayer money to fund defense contractors that have previously donated to his campaign.

This practice has drawn criticism from watchdog groups and opponents alike.

Earmarks are special provisions in legislation that direct funds towards specific projects or entities without competitive bidding processes or other criteria being taken into consideration. They are typically used when lawmakers wish to benefit their own constituents or campaign donors, as appears to be the case here.

Earmarking is controversial due its potential for abuse by politicians attempting to secure votes or donations through the allocation of public funds.

According to Politico, between 2001 and 2007 Adam Schiff earmarked $10 million in taxpayer money towards five companies developing military technologies.

These companies had collectively donated tens of thousands of dollars in support of his campaign efforts – including $8,500 from lobbyist Paul Magliocchetti who was later convicted on federal charges for illegal contributions and served 27 months in prison – raising suspicion regarding pay-to-play practices.

The largest recipient was Smiths Detection which received a total of $6 million while Phasebridge Inc., was allocated $3 million for research on naval radar systems; both retained lobbyists connected with Mr. Schiff’s campaign directly before and after receiving the grants.

An additional $1 million each went towards Eureka Aerospace (vehicle checkpoint technology) and Tanner Research Inc., (IED detection), both with connections to Mr. Schiff’s donor network having contributed $34,500 and $15,800 respectively prior to receiving funding.

Superprotonic Inc., (solid acid fuel cells) received almost half a million dollars despite only donating $1,500 while Orbits Lightwave INC., (laser technology), got $800,000 despite its founder also giving $3,700.

The controversy surrounding such spending practices prompted fellow Democratic candidate Katie Porter to release a video on Twitter criticizing it as “misdirected spending” not indicative of Washington gridlock solutions but rather dark money manipulation tactics instead.

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