Biden Releases $6 Billion For Iranian Hostage Exchange

Shocking news has recently come out that the Biden administration released $6 billion in exchange for five American hostages being held by Iran.

And of course, like many others, former President Donald Trump had something to say about this outrageous decision.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump expressed his outrage at the agreement and called out the 25th Amendment, claiming that Biden is incompetent.

This hostage deal has sparked a debate about whether or not it is appropriate for US leaders to negotiate with adversaries such as Iran.

The hostage deal was signed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and allows for $6 billion in seized Iranian assets to be transferred from South Korea to Qatar–which will then provide the funds back to Iran.

Five Iranian prisoners are expected to be released along with this payment in exchange for five American prisoners.

This move came on the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, and makes Joe Biden the first president not to visit the traditional location to commemorate victims.

Former President Donald Trump has been vocal about his opposition towards this agreement since news broke out about it in August.

He compared it Obama’s initiative which saw pallets of cash sent off to Iran when he was president and predicted that this would “stoke violence, bloodshed, and mayhem throughout the Middle East.”

In his recent post on Truth Social he commented “So let’s get this straight,” We did a hostage TRADE with Iran. We gave them 5 very tough, smart people that they desperately wanted. We likewise got back 5 people BUT, we also gave them 6 BILLION DOLLARS! How much of a kickback does Crooked Joe Biden get? Does anyone realize how much 6 billion dollars is?”

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