HR Constantly Writes Woman Up For Her ‘Inappropriate Outfits’, So She Takes a Stand

It’s not uncommon for women to be reprimanded for their clothing choices in the workplace, whether it is deemed too revealing or just inappropriate.

This was certainly the case with Marie Dee, a content creator and mother of two who has been sent home from work numerous times because of her choice of attire.

While she claims that her dresses are simply tight-fitting, there appears to be more to this story than meets the eye.

In one video posted by Dee on social media, she is seen sipping a Starbucks frappuccino while wearing a low-cut black lace top and black leggings.

In response to being written up by HR again over this outfit choice, she states “Must be looking inappropriately cute today.”

After meeting with an HR branch supervisor tomorrow (which we assume didn’t go so well), Marie then took matters into her own hands – and revealed that she got the HR girl fired.

To get back at those who have tried to keep her from expressing herself through fashion at work, Marie decided to take drastic measures.

She showed off another revealing outfit – a bright pink long-sleeved crop top – which was sure to ruffle some feathers among those in charge.

As it turns out, however, Marie wasn’t just trying to make a statement – she had another plan in mind for exacting revenge against the jealous HR girl who kept sending her home.

When asked what happened to the woman responsible for writing Marie up all these times, Dee responded with lyrics from Nicki Minaj’s song “She do dirt on my name ended up at her own burial” – clearly hinting that something sinister had occurred.

It turns out that Marie’s father is actually CEO of the company where they both worked; when he found out about his daughter’s consistent write-ups and how much it was affecting her morale (and productivity) he put an end to it once and for all by getting rid of the jealous HR girl.

So what do you think? Was the HR girl taking things too far?

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