Wanted Terrorist Caught Blending in With Migrant Herd

Customs and Border Patrol managed to snag a sneaky terrorist. An “Afghan national on the FBI’s terror watchlist” was trying real hard to blend in with some Latin American migrants. Alejandro Mayorkas threatens to let the next one through unless his latest judge grants his latest plea for emergency relief. Relief from the mean judge in Florida who sabotaged his illegal scheme.

One terrorist or another

Customs and Border Protection officials aren’t naming the suspected terrorist but they do confirm that “an Afghan national on the FBI’s terror watchlist” was apprehended “crossing into the US illegally along with a group of migrants.

He was attempting to infiltrate the border near Otay Mesa in San Diego, California.

Per standard Border Patrol procedure, the entire herd of migrating Democrats were rounded up and driven back to the stable for processing. When they ran his fingerprints through the scanner it started beeping like they hit a jackpot. The random asylee was well known to the “Terrorist Screening Database.

That automatically triggers “an investigation by the FBI.” Christopher Wray won’t be happy about that because it pulls valuable resources away from the effort to frame Donald Trump for collusion with Russia.

This terrorist is only one more for the pile. March was the last month statistics are in for but that report listed “69 non-US citizens on the FBI’s terror watchlist” who had “been caught trying to illegally enter the US through the southern border since October.

Lawmaker Darrell Issa isn’t happy about it. He happens to represent the district where the latest threat to national security was arrested.


A Biden failure

This is just another one of those “let’s go Brandon” style Biden failures. The latest face-plant fall off his political election cycle. As Issa puts it, “such recent cases are a direct result of the Biden administration’s failure to crack down on illegal border crossings.

Joe Biden and his wide open to any terrorist who wanders in borders “aren’t just a gateway to five million illegals, record human and child trafficking and the deadliest drug crisis in our history.” Not by a long shot. “Biden’s reckless policy is also an open invitation to even the most wanted terrorists in the world to come to America.

It’s become crystal clear that all these allegedly temporary new citizens “know they’ll never have to leave.” The terrorist felt equally welcome. We can all see it. “The nation knows what’s going on and this president has only begun to be held accountable for what he has done.” Several House watchdog committees are snapping at Joe Biden’s heels for criminal matters.

With only two or three suspicious activity reports peeled off a pile of more than 150, we already know the Biden family got a one-third split of six million dollars in two separate transactions. They pocketed a million from China and another million from Romania. While everyone in the family except the pets has been cashing in, nobody knows what it is that the family is selling. The Bidens aren’t going out of their way to be helpful and explain any of it, either.

Now that Title 42 has faded into the sunset, along with a diligent terrorist or 70, “thousands of migrants have rushed to the border in hopes of seeking asylum in the U.S.” A conservative Florida judge just “sabotaged” that for Joe. He declared the entire scheme to release migrants to the American heartland en masse totally illegal. He ordered it stopped.

Biden and Mayorkas asked for more time and didn’t get it. They filed a couple last minute appeals and are hoping a sympathetic judge will stand with them and let them destroy America but aren’t holding their breath. If they don’t get the emergency stay they need, they’ll stop arresting illegals and turn them all loose. Terrorists, too.

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