Homeless Mother Texts Her Friend For Help, But Realized It Was Too Late..

An unforgettable Christmas miracle became reality for one family when a stranger accidentally received a Facebook message from a woman.

Mother of three, Amy Rickel, had fallen on hard times after moving with her children to Green Bay, Wisconsin. The process left her homeless and jobless.

In desperation, Rickel chose to reach out to her friend online, but she sent her plea for help to a stranger with a similar name by mistake.

The message was received by Brian Van Boxtel, who could’ve easily ignored the message, but chose to help the woman who was truly in dire straits.

He asked himself: “What would Jesus do?”

During this time, Rickel and her children were temporarily staying at a hotel in Green Bay, however she had run out of money to pay her hotel bill and could not think of a place to stay for Christmas.

Rickel said she was “bawling and praying and that’s when Brian messaged me,” telling her he’s coming over to pay her hotel bill, which was only the beginning of his help.

Photo credit: Amy Rickel/GoFundMe

Van Boxtel inspired Rickel to set up a GoFundMe page after paying her hotel bill.

“We have been staying at a hotel we can no longer afford and all of the shelters that accept kids have long waiting lists,” wrote Rickel. “My only concern at this point is making sure my kids are safe and warm!”

Opposing Views offered more details on the touching story:

Her GoFundMe story soon caught the attention of many who were touched by her troubles and wanted to help.

“We just felt like this holiday season we couldn’t let the kids be out in the cold and we cleared out a room and brought them home,” said Kathy Schumann, who also loaned her minivan to Rickel.

Chad Morack also felt compelled to help. When he found out Rickel was a licensed practical nurse, he reached out to his network.

Alexandria Witkowski, the senior recruiter at TotalMed, took one look at Rickel’s credentials and was impressed.

Photo credit: Amy Rickel/GoFundMe

Photo credit: Amy Rickel/GoFundMe

“I couldn’t help but continue working really hard to get her references and resume over to our clients so we could get her a full-time position,” said Witkowski.

One thing led to another, and soon — because of the kindness of complete strangers — Rickel found herself with a job offer nine days after her Facebook typo.

“It’s totally restored my faith in more than just humanity, my faith in God,” said a grateful Rickel.

Watch the whole story here: LetMeKnow/Youtube

Sources: OpposingViews, WXPI


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