Former Trump Attorney TARGETED

The State Bar of California wants to strip an attorney of his ability to practice because he advised President Trump. John Eastman’s disbarment trial doesn’t look good due to the judge involved. Bar Court Judge Yvette Roland has donated to Democrats for a long time. Roland was appointed by a Democrat. At least currently, a judge’s political preferences may dictate how they rule, never mind the law.

The attorney may not have a chance

Our judicial system isn’t perfect but it rests on judges being impartial. Justice isn’t guaranteed otherwise. Recent experiences suggested that anybody who has supported Trump will not get a fair trial.

A conservative news site, the Arizona Sun Times, reported that the reason Eastman is on trial is because “Eastman provided bad advice to President Trump”. That “bad advice” was telling then vice president Mike Pence that he had the authority dispute the results of the 2020 election.

The attorney interpreted the law

That was the extent of the charge. Legal advice was given to the client based on interpretation of the US Constitution. The state bar disagrees on this interpretation.

First Amendment attorney Mark Fitzgibbons was quoted by the news site regarding the bar’s true motives: “They want to intimidate lawyers so they don’t work for MAGA or conservative candidates and causes.”

A Trump attorney being harassed

Law professor Timothy A. Canova is on the same age. He wrote an essay published in the Federalist. A section of it says that the state bar’s

“hatred of Trump and its embrace of an establishment election narrative has resulted in a rush to judgment in its persecution of Eastman on issues that may require years, if not generations, to sort out and crystalize through historical experience and case precedent.”

Canova was a progressive Democrat. He continued, “Hatred for Trump has been used, often cynically by people who should know better, to justify all kinds of wrongs by the haters.”

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