She Came Forward and Told ALL About Trump…

ICYMI – Most of you know that Trump is being sued in civil court by author E. Jean Carroll.

I have been reading the dailies on the trial, and I would say it is about 50/50 on whether or not people believe her.

When Natasha Stoynoff testified, however, it was a much different story.

PR Problem

Forget the money aspect of the Carroll case, because this goes much deeper for Trump.

Trump is and has been hurting in being able to lure female voters outside of his base.

Stoynoff’s emotional testimony clearly hit a nerve with a lot of women.

She stated, “By the time I turn around, [Trump] has his hands on my shoulders and pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me.

“I started pushing him away.

“He was kissing me. And he was against me and holding my shoulder back.

Stoynoff added, “I didn’t say words. I couldn’t. I tried.

“I was flustered and shocked. No words came out of me. I tried though.”

At this point, the butler came into the room to tell them that Melania, who was pregnant with Barron at the time, and told them could rejoin her in the yard.

If Trump goes on the stand, I can only hope it is far better than his deposition, which is blowing up all over social media right now.

This could be the case that really hurts him in a general election, so his attorneys really need to keep him on point or they are risking everything.

Source: New York Post

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