China Makes Massive Declaration Against US

ICYMI – China had a whole lot of things to say to America. Things that the Network media won’t report. The Chinese Foreign Ministry uses too many big words for them to understand, so they ignore the whole story. There was nothing “regular” about the “Regular Press Conference” Wang Wenbin gave on April 12. It shows that Xi Jinping is getting ready to roll over Joe Biden like a steamroller. Some are wondering if the Pooh Bear was the one to suggest Cathay Bank turn over their records of Biden linked accounts to House investigators.

China taking charge

China is rapidly moving forward with deals cementing their newly declared dominant role in world politics. The agenda for top diplomat Dances With Wolves indicates that Europe is ready to throw Uncle Sam under the bus. Beijing is also bankrolling economically distressed Sri Lanka, threatening the Philippines and eyeing up the absorption of Afghanistan. Besides that, Beijing takes a dim view of American cyber-spying.

When Wang Wenbin took the podium, he was a whole lot more prepared than Karine Jean-Pierre ever dreamed of being. It helps that the reporters had been given exactly the right questions to ask. The Foreign Ministry spokesman covered a whole lot of controversial ground at a fast run.

Wang began his rapid fire monologue with an update on State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang. The Wolf Warrior invited Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission to visit China from April 13 to 15. That’s for “the 12th round of China-EU High-level Strategic Dialogue.” Dances with Wolves also invited German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock for an official visit on the same dates. Qin is expected to join Baerbock as co-chairs of “the sixth round of China-Germany Strategic Dialogue on Diplomacy and Security.

Beijing is clearly feeling very secure with Europe. As far as Germany goes, they’re also the closest of friends. That’s precisely why Antony Blinken is demanding to know if Macron was “speaking for Europe” when he said Taiwan is on their own in a showdown. Apparently it’s a done deal that Europe and their part of NATO plans to sit this one out.

Xinhua got the first question. They’re “state sponsored,” like “publicly funded” NPR is close to being, so it’s no surprise that they asked about relations between China and Europe. Considering this “year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the China-EU Comprehensive Strategic Partnership,” they’ve been planning some parties. “Dialogue and cooperation have resumed across the board.” Relations “have shown a positive momentum of growth.

Qin and Borrell will kick around ways both can “better implement the important common understandings of the leaders of the two countries and provide new impetus for the growth of China-EU relations and the peace, stability and prosperity of the world.” Both are “major forces,” Wang insists. Two “big markets and two great civilizations in a multipolar world.” They need to stick together.

Consolidating across Asia

Russia State Sponsored Tass wanted to know if Qin Gang has any plans for a “one-on-one meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.” Considering that the Wolf Warrior has been dancing around all the countries neighboring Afghanistan lately, Wang filled them in that those two talk all the time. Bringing some sort of stability to Afghanistan is needed. They plan to work with the neighbors to pressure the Taliban into embracing the 21st Century and letting women have some rights.

They also plan to make Joe Biden follow through on all the promises Blinky made. Antony Blinken is in so much disgrace with China that Wang refused to even mention his name, referring to him only by title. Another nation mentioned in the briefing was Sri Lanka. China plans to let them slide on all their loan payments until they get back on their feet and is working with third parties to prop up their collapsed economy. While buying their friendship, they’re whacking the Philippines with a stick.

China is gravely concerned over and strongly disapproves the joint statement of the U.S. and the Philippines.” The one leading to four new American bases there. Xi Jinping “has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and the adjacent waters. The joint statement of the U.S. and the Philippines misrepresents and discredits the legitimate and lawful maritime law enforcement activities of the Chinese side and even makes false accusations against China. We strongly oppose this.

They want to work it out peacefully but are ready to do what it takes, Wang assures. He really got down when the subject of the Pentagon leak came up. He used it to segue into a rant against U.S. cyber-spying. “We have noted the report,” he tersely answered the leak question. Then got angry.

The report provides a systematic account of the history and typical cases of cyber attacks undertaken by relevant departments of the U.S. government and their negative impact on global cyber security and contains a full list of shocking revelations. I would like to share with you some of the cases from the report and hope this will give you a further idea about how the U.S. jeopardizes global cyber security.” China knows all about what we did in 2010 with Stuxnet against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Then there’s the “ransomware WannaCry that affected most countries and caused the most severe losses across the world in 2017 was the result of leaked cyber weapons from the US National Security Agency.” Case #3 is 2013’s “PRISM” problem which “revealed how the US engaged in cyber espionage across the world, including against China.” Just like they did to control information on Twitter, the U.S. even “asked nine international internet giants, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and Apple to cooperate with the US government to secretly monitor information.” Finally, “In 2013, the media exposed that the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) used its cryptography standards to install backdoors, which expands the targets of supply chain attacks from IT products to IT standards.” Joe has some ‘splainin to do.

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