Joe Entertained Hunter’s Business Associates in WH

Joe Biden is in the middle of several serious controversies. Besides the whistleblower document which indicates the FBI was fully aware of an illegal cash for policy deal, between then Vice-President Biden and one of Hunter’s foreign friends, he met with “three of Hunter Biden’s business associates on the White House campus in the summer of 2011.” They were there to discuss business which His Imperial Wisdom flatly denies knowing anything at all about.

Bad week for Joe Biden

New York Post got their hands on some emails after Fox saw them first, they admit, which further disprove Joe Biden’s denials that he “ever discussed overseas financial interests” with Hunter. He lied through his teeth. Hunter Biden allegedly “set up the get-together in pursuit of an overseas business deal he was told could be worth billions of dollars.

The secret conclave happened in July of 2011 and included “then-Vice President Joe Biden, his deputy chief of staff Alan Hoffman and three business acquaintances.” Three of Hunter’s business acquaintances. That’s important. Even more important, “at least one of whom was apparently a foreign national.

As evidenced by the emails, “energy executive David Gamperl and two obscure businessmen named Xi Wang and Andre Lasserre coordinated the sit-down.” A month before that, they “pitched a lucrative Brazilian bond deal” to Hunter Biden. Xi and Lasserre didn’t approach the crack addicted playboy directly, they went through “at least two intermediaries — including future CNBC personality Sean Conlon.

Through their middlemen, “the upstart trio pitched Hunter on a formal meeting with his father to help Conlon and Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca investment firm ‘get more bonds to move.” In exchange for dropping a lucrative deal into the family’s lap, they expected to rub elbows with Joe. It became a precondition for the deal.

A month before the meeting, “On June 22, 2011, Gamperl emailed Conlon about the ‘substantial profit‘ being offered by Nagi Ghawi, president of the now-defunct Mercantile Investment Group of the West Indies.” He sent a copy of the current contract.

Proof of funds are in place and we may close this week. It has been a challenge in the management of procedures but I think we have it now. We will make substantial profit on this deal but market is between $230 to $380 million.” That, he was sure to tease, was only a taste.

Open the flood gates

All Hunter had to do was hold up his end and come across with some access to the Big Guy. One meeting with Joe could open a treasure chest stuffed with gold and jewels beyond imagination.

I’m trying to close this bond immediately, as it opens up the flood gates on 29 other bonds that have less hair and much more value.” As “much as $21 billion.” The Biden family would get 10% of the sample deal if it was done fast. They appear to be slated for at least 7% of the mother lode.

Conlon forwarded the message on to Hunter “See below. This is why I am putting up with this carnival! We need to put our heads together on this.” They did. Ghawi “then floated a proposal the same day, requesting a meeting.

He wasn’t picky who he talked to as long as it was Joe or his chief of staff “ASAP.” He separately dangled bait in another email. “I would like to confirm that I accept this letter of engagement based on 7% fees + 3% fees as a bonus if the first structured instrument (LTN) is executed within 60 days.” LTN’s are Brazil’s National Treasury Bills. Any expenses come out of the Biden’s end.

This fee should cover all intermediaries’ fee and any additional fee should come out from this one. We have access through Andre Lasserre connection to at least 10 LTN’s but if we do not perform on the said meeting ASAP, we may not be in a position to have those LTN’s at our disposal.” The $2 billion in fees was a hefty reason to bend the rules a little but Hunter was nervous about it, even back then.

WTF is he talking about. Mtg with JRB chief of staff????” Devon Archer messaged back “I guess. I don’t think he understands how this works. I will advise him to stand down.” He didn’t stand down. No meeting, no deal. Hunter eventually met with Gamperl on June 26, 2011, at a grocery store in Long Beach, California. Then, Hunter “coordinated a July 3, 2011 White House visit with Hoffman.” Then, on July 27, 2011 they got the big meeting with Joe at the Old Executive Office Building between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Apparently, they didn’t get what they wanted in their meeting with the Big Guy, so the deal fell apart. Even so, it shows everyone has their price and Joe’s is high.

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