ICYMI – Like a cancer, liberal corruption has “infiltrated” all the major U.S. institutions, not just the DOJ. As Senator Ron Johnson testified, it “has metastasized out,” so “now they control the narrative.” He and Senator Charles Grassley were both star witnesses at the House “weaponization” committee hearing.

America infiltrated by the left

When Senator Ron Johnson says that America has been infiltrated by “the left,” he’s referring to progressive “globalist” policies handed down by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Everything from wide open borders to decriminalized crime. If Klaus has his way, you’ll be eating insects by 2030 and loving it. In Davos, they call crickets “the new lobster.

When Senator Johnson took the stand for Jim Jordan’s new sub-committee, he pulled the red alarm buzzer on the wall.

I think my main point is that the left has pretty well infiltrated the major institutions in this country, starting with our university system, and that just has metastasized out and so now they control the narrative.

Johnson is convinced that they’re using that Deep State control of the narrative in “very destructive ways.

At the hearing of the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Johnson made it clear the most FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors are doing a great job. At the same time, he issued a warning that “corrupt individuals” within federal agencies are acting as “vital partners of the left-wing political movement.

The “movement” is a tight network including “most members of the mainstream media, big tech social media giants, global institutions and foundations, Democrat Party operatives, and elected officials.” The big question is now that we’ve been infiltrated, how do we fix it.

Weaponization nothing new

Senator Johnson is no stranger to the alleged weaponization of federal government. He’s been fighting it ever since the big Tea Party movement. Our government has been infiltrated for a long time. He started to notice all the tight knit cooperation from network media “when the Obama administration was accused of weaponizing the IRS to deny groups tax-exempt status.

Since then, conservatives have “pointed to FBI involvement in the investigation into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election.” Johnson had a few words on that for the committee.

The 2016 election was totally infiltrated by evil forces of Deep State darkness. Johnson called the operation against Donald Trump as “the most destructive political dirty trick in U.S. history.” Well, he thought it was the worst, until Hunter Biden’s laptop came along.

And then the narrative surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop and overseas business dealings, which was falsely dubbed by mainstream media outlets and former intelligence officials as a Russian misinformation operation.” There are 51 former intelligence big-shots with egg on their faces now. Some of the spookiest of the spooks have already been notified they’ll be hauled in front of the committee real soon to have a little chat about all that.

Johnson can claim the FBI was infiltrated because “his investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings were sabotaged in what he said was a coordinated effort by government organs.” He told Fox News after the hearing that there was a “concerted effort by a number of actors to undermine and sabotage our efforts, calling it Russian disinformation.

He also agreed with what Senator Grassley testified. The Iowa conservative pointed out the “triad of disinformation and outright falsehoods” from the FBI, biased media and most Democrats. “With the release of the Twitter files and the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit against the Biden administration, we are getting a clearer picture of how active government officials were in suppressing free speech and controlling the narrative,” Johnson explained.

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