Military Pilots Get HORRIFYING News… They’re All…

Something funky is going on in our military.

After the death of a pilot in his early 60s, a new study was conducted to check health stats on pilots and ground crews.

It turns out they are significantly more likely to get cancer than the average person.

Bad News…

The study investigated more than 900,000 pilots and ground crew members from 1992 to 2017.

All records were not available prior to 1992, so the pilots and crews who worked on early generation planes were not included in the study.

The report stated that “the Pentagon found that air crew members had an 87% higher rate of melanoma and a 39% higher rate of thyroid cancer.

“Meanwhile, men had a 16% higher rate of prostate cancer and women a 16% higher rate of breast cancer.”

Navy A-6 Intruder pilot Jim Seaman passed away at the age of 61 from cancer.

His widow asked Congress to start investigating this issue due to the rash pilots and crew members that had died at early ages, many of them from different forms of cancer.

Source: Fox News

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