Putin Ordered the ASSASSINATION… Left the Entire World in Horror

The reality of the insanity of Vladimir Putin is on full display now.

Reports surfaced that a Ukrainian orchestra conductor was put to death.

What was his crime?

He did not want to put on a concert for Russian authorities.

Kill Him

Yuri Kerpatenko was the chief conductor of the Kherson Philharmonic.

He also served in the same capacity for the city’s chamber orchestra.

He refused to partake in a concert to celebrate the “improvement of peaceful life” after the bogus Russian annexation.

So, he was put to death.

Kyiv’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy stated, “On October 14, it became known about the brutal murder of the chief conductor of the Kherson Music and Drama Theater.

“After Yuri Kerpatenko refused to cooperate with the occupants, Russian soldiers shot him in his own home.”

Kerpatenko was very outspoken about his support for the Ukrainian government, and it cost him his life.

The office of the Kherson province’s regional prosecutor stated, “Currently, law enforcement officers are taking measures aimed at a quick, complete and impartial investigation into the circumstances of the criminal offense.”

Just add this to the long list of war crimes Putin is already guilty of during this war.

Source: New York Post

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