Goons Find Clever Way to Rob Casino With Surprising Diversion Tactic

Diversion is a great tactic, it works in many instances. Create chaos to get people and security moving in all directions. In this case, it’s a robbery. A casino is harder to rob but it’s been done before. Fireworks were set off at the National Harbor. People thought there was an active shooter so people panicked and rushed the exit. Thieves were then able to grab an unknown amount of chips as they left.

A group hit the casino

It was likely a group because it was probably planned. Police aren’t yet willing though to say it was premeditated.

Prince George Police Chief Malik Aziz spoke with WTOP. “I don’t want to go that far to say it was coordinated, because this could have been a series of events that some opportunist decided to take advantage of. Or it very well could have been the same people who triggered the fire alarm, who set off some fireworks, and then subsequently made some thefts.”

This doesn’t normally happen to a casino

Robbing a casino might commonly involve loss of life, never mind loss of their money. It was the first time in its nine year history this Maryland gaming facility has had this happen.

Margaret Moore Kellett was a visitor and former reporter. This was one of the scariest experiences in her life, “All of a sudden, we saw people running, An enormous crowd of people running towards the door. Another couple was standing there and we understood that it was a bomb threat and an active shooter.”

Casino robbery investigation

Chief Aziz mentioned a fire alarm was triggered “intentionally or not”. He continued, “And fireworks sound very closely related to gunshots. And that even created more panic in the attempt to exit the MGM.”

Staff isn’t talking. WTOP attempted to speak to people connected to their security team, such as public information officers, hotel management and communication staff. Kellett thought they needed to face the music and talk to the public so people could feel safe going there. “I would look into this seriously. I know that in the past they had had some shooters, and I did not know about this previously.”

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