Frazzled Police Turn to Public For Help

The Cactus Park Police Precinct in Phoenix, Arizona, is only one of those in the metro area spread so thin that they’re asking the public for help. The city is willing to pay for it, too. All across Phoenix, city officials are hiring civilian law enforcement assistants to handle office work.

Police hiring help

The city of Phoenix, Arizona, wants to hire at least 30 people as fast as they can start. The department is understaffed across the board.

In addition to new officers, which are currently at a premium due to scarcity, the desert city got approval to “add 25 police civilian investigators,” assigned to cover “administrative tasks in violent and property crimes.” Along with that, they will work with the drug enforcement bureau.

With civilian help, “detectives can focus on responding to scenes, following up on leads and interviewing witnesses and suspects.” On top of the 25 new investigators, the city will bring on board 8 new “police assistants.

Those “respond to calls that don’t require a sworn officer.” Things like directing traffic after there’s been a crash without any injuries involved. Another place they can help is “misdemeanor crimes with no follow up.” It’s been four years since they hired the last batch of assistants.

The announcement follows up on what Chief Jeri Williams had to say last month. That’s when she “announced more than 100 officers and detectives would be pulled from special details to patrol.

Insiders report that administration is working hard to identify routine police “job functions that can be performed by civilians.” To get more actual officers on the street, Phoenix started offering hiring bonuses up to $7,500 as well as “retention bonuses to keep officers.

Down 400 officers

According to Assistant Executive Chief Michael Kurtenbach, “We are over 400 officers down from our authorized strength.” The switch to civilian help is a “short-term” police reallocation tactic “to make sure when our community calls 911, an officer responds.

Even though it’s a temporary move now, the “creation of these new positions is an approach that will address the staffing concerns in the long run.

Hiring civilians “to take on an investigative role” isn’t just letting amateurs play “Clue” with real clues. The move is “intended to make sure crimes get hands on attention and, hopefully, solved in a timely manner.


The ones who eventually get hired “will play a critical role in many aspects of investigations and police work, without carrying a firearm or making arrests.

Despite what liberals have to say, police work “is a very noble profession,” Kurtenbach insists. “I can’t think of a job that is more gratifying, but we need that passion, we need the men and women who are called to do this job to come do it with us.

If you’re thinking of signing up, here’s a link.

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