WARNING: They’re Coming to EVERY Community

Shelters for illegal immigrants are soon to be set up in every community in New York, Mayor Eric Adams advises. “Residents should expect them to open without warning.” They’re only getting a taste of the crisis which border states have been coping with all along.

Adams spreading the load around

New York City is about to be infested with Latinos, whether they like it or not, so they might as well prepare for the worst. “Every community is going to see asylum-seekers,” Mayor Adams revealed.

He was giving a news conference on a separate issue when reporters cornered him. Progressives in the Big Apple love to harp about sanctuary until it comes time to cough some up.

As much as city officials would like to, Adams insists, “we can’t give people a month heads-up” before local hotels start registering the new arrivals.

As the emergency comes, we have to make these on-the-ground moves and make sure that we deal with the crisis that’s in front of us,” he explains. To him, the crisis comes from Texas, not south of the border.

Local New York City residents aren’t happy with Mayor Adams about all the new taxes they will be paying. They are the ones ultimately supporting the migrants, who aren’t allowed to work, because they don’t have proper ID and paperwork.

And a lot of people have not really dealt with emergencies before, so it’s like hardball.” It’s one of those Lost in America situations Alice Cooper likes to sing about.

Door-to-door panhandling

What Adams wasn’t saying at the press conference is that the interlopers are being shuffled off to any place they can stash them. The ones they dumped on Staten Island were booked into hotels without amenities like laundry service, in the Travis section of the island where “there aren’t any resources available for them in the neighborhood.

As a result, the Latinos went trick-or-treating for warmer clothes and something to eat which doesn’t come out of a box to go right into a microwave. Venezuelans eat tortillas and frijoles, not Lean Cuisine.

Along with commandeering entire hotel buildings, Adams will have more tent cities set up like the one on Randall’s Island.


He wants to pull a billion bucks out of the state treasury to handle the migrants. All he had to do to get his hands on the cash was declare a state of emergency. He did. All his liberal friends are suddenly freaking out.

So, all the calls that I’m getting from elected officials, all the calls I’m hearing from people of saying you know, ‘Please, not here‘ — that just can’t happen,” Adams pleads.

This is a citywide crisis and all of us are going to be impacted and Staten Island is going to be impacted like the other four boroughs.” Instead of being afraid because someone new to the neighborhood comes around begging, clean out the closet and hand over some winter clothes to folks dressed for the tropics.

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