Poll Showed How Sick and Tired Americans are With the Democrat Narrative

A poll from Rasmussen  reveals that more Americans support an investigation into the riots of 2020 than support the investigation of the events of January 6. Majorities of almost every demographic group in America support an investigation into the violent Summer riots, an indication that the constant attempts by the media and politicians to downplay the rioting and erase it from public memory are not having much success with most of the country.

Poll reveals Americans want action on BLM riots

It should be no great surprise that normal Americans have priorities which differ from the concerns of the political class in Washington D.C.

The 2020 riots targeted average American citizens with looting and violence. The fact that the riots went largely uninterrupted by authorities led many Americans to feel that they might be victimized themselves before the chaos slowed down.

As the poll indicates, most Americans still feel that anxiety, even if they will not admit it in public. Most people understand that it is only a matter of time before something triggers another round of rioting.

A majority of supporters of both parties and independents polled agree that there should be an investigation organized by Congress into these riots.

Unfortunately Congress is too preoccupied with a personal matter of their own. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been determined to organize a 9/11 style investigation into the Capitol protest.

In contrast to the BLM riots support for this investigation is largely split along party lines, with only about half of the individuals polled expressing support.

Politicians ignore popular issue

Only the smallest fraction of rioters from last year have been prosecuted at all for their involvement, let alone convicted.

Overwhelmingly these people have been released back to the streets and are ready to participate in the next bout of rioting. The Rasmussen poll clearly shows that these individuals are the greater concern for most Americans.

Instead the federal government continues to go to enormous lengths to track down men, women, and children who happened to be in Washington D.C. on January 6 and who pose no realistic threat to anyone at all.

The poll also reveals that most Americans strongly feel that high crime areas in the United States need more policing, not less.

Clearly there is a drastic disconnect between the average American and the political class. Few, if any, members of Congress have made a really serious effort to push for a full investigation of the 2020 riots.

This bipartisan interest is receiving almost no attention from Congress, despite clear evidence that most Americans want action.

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