Biden Hands Trump a Political ‘Gift’

Finding these classified Biden documents does not help the Democrats.  At least one reporter, CNN’s Jamie Gangel, thought it looked terrible and gives Trump a political gift.  Words came back to bite the president.  He’d had an interview in September in which he remarked that finding something like this would be pretty irresponsible.  The president has egg on his face again.  He never reviewed those documents.

Documents there since last fall

People weren’t willing to comment with the Justice Department looking over the matter.  The personal Biden attorneys were packing files when they were discovered.  The lawyers provided the documents to the National Archives the day after being found and are cooperating with the US attorney in Chicago.

Wolf Blitzer had said,

“In that ’60 Minutes’ interview Biden did on September 18, 2022 about a month or two before these classified documents were found in his private office here in Washington, he said, ‘How could this possibly happen? How anyone could be that irresponsible? That’s what he said then, and then they discovered these SCI, these very sensitive classified documents at his private office in Washington.”

A lot of questions about Biden

Gangel wondered if this was some kind of mistake.

“Look, I’m sure that he meant that. And it also looks terrible in hindsight because here you go, there were classified documents. Here’s what we don’t know. We don’t know how they got there. We don’t know who packed them up. Those are things we’re going to have to find out. We need to know what’s in these classified documents. Yes, they’re Top Secret, but how sensitive is it? Are there sources and methods? Is it contemporaneous information that could be dangerous or sensitive right now? So those are the things we have to find out. Those are the things the Justice Department is looking at. There’s a big political side to this. This is, let’s assume for the moment, that it was accidental, a mistake. This is the kind of political unforced error that I can’t believe Donald Trump hasn’t posted about yet. He will be shortly. It is the definition of a political gift to Trump and the House Republicans.”

The news broke after the Biden motorcade rolled into Mexico City.  The office in which the documents were found was used in a relationship with the University of Pennsylvania.  Biden was an honorary professor there for two years.

Less than a dozen

There were fewer than a dozen documents found.  Nobody knows why they were taken into Biden’s private office.  They’re classified and sensitive, known as “sensitive compartmented information” or SCI.

Federal law requires those who hold office to relinquish all materials in their possession when the position ends., Biden was in meetings as the news traveled. An official said, “Nothing has changed in his schedule.  “He’s focused on the summit and meeting with our closest neighbors.”.

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