Biden Family NASTY Deviant Files Exposed

On the evening of July 9, anonymous users of the 4chan community were able to hack into Hunter Biden’s iCloud account and post screenshots from his phone and computer on the political form of the site. And given Hunter Biden’s already extensive rap sheet, you can assume some juicy evidence was pushed out of the swamp.

Of course, this data dump went viral immediately.

And now that all of this data has been pushed out, it’ll never be put back from where it came. However, at this point it doesn’t really matter, as the extensive damage has been done to Biden and it’ll all be over for him in a short matter of time.

The content remained on the site for only a matter of hours before administrators on the site moved to pull down the threads, which included material from the leak, leaving many users frustrated. For those that are unaware, 4chan is a site that’s notorious for posting the most salacious subject matter on the entire internet.

Despite administrators deleting the threads, it can be assumed that the content has already been copied by many, so the damage is beyond repair.

Jack Posobiec tweeted on the subject saying, “4chan has already created torrents for the Crackhead Hunter Biden iPhone and iCloud backups and are now seeding them. That means even if 4chan gets shut down the copies will still be out there.

Apparently 4chan users were able to find Joe Biden’s WhatsApp number as well and began sending him a massive amount of memes, which were allegedly so “bad” that Biden has remained off his social media accounts for the entire day.

In addition to the photos of Hunter Biden smoking crack Viito Brevis posted “this is gonna be a very, very, very big story lmao.” It goes nicely with a “photo of Crackhead Hunter Biden on a FaceTime call with a girl tied up and a bag over her head as he eats a sandwich.

But that’s not even the worst of it, in fact, many are focused on Hunter’s conversation with Pedo Peter. And from what we can gather, it seems that is Hunter’s nickname for his father, Joe.

From Hunter’s iPad, Preview, Messages, Call History, Pedo Peter, Maisy Biden, one begins, “I love you pop.” Brett Kavanaugh popped in to the girls’ basketball game.

Joe Biden responds, “morning my beautiful grandchildren Boarding flight back to DC HAVE a good day. Stay warm wish I could hug each one of you so I could stay warm when I land in cold DC. Without an overcoat. Love you guys. Pop.

The swamp produced another interesting image, but this time of Hillary Clinton being given a play by play breakdown of a person’s social media posts. And by a 4-star general no less.

As we see in the picture, he is pointing to s post shaded in pink, so we can only assume it was something very threatening. This just goes to show how much the powers that be pay attention to social media habits.

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