Activist Stabs Man in the Heart

An antifa activist in Los Angeles is back on the streets after having been arrested for stabbing a protester in the heart. Eric Cohen attempted to murder a man at an anti-vaccine protest that became violent. The man survived the stabbing but suffered a lacerated heart and punctured lung. Cohen has received support from other communists in the area, partly because he identifies as a woman and expects to be treated as one in jail.

Protester stabbed by communist

Each side accused the other of starting the brawl which broke out at an anti-vaccine protest last month. Police were on hand to intervene but not before the stabbing occurred.

Thirty year-old antifa activist Eric Cohen, who calls himself “Nina” at some point during the scuffle stabbed one of the anti-vaccine protesters in the heart with a clear intent to kill.

This mentally disturbed and murderous individual is now back on the streets of Los Angeles following an outcry from sympathetic communists, meaning that the aspiring killer could be free to strike again.

Eric Cohen’s mother, apparently undisturbed by the fact that her child attempted to murder someone, quickly rushed to the media to lament the fact that her son was being treated as a male.

Mother Katharine Drechsler told the Los Angeles Times that she feared that her son would not survive being placed in jail if he were not housed with women.

Fortunately for both men and women in LAPD custody, Cohen was kept separate from other detainees according to police.

Activist free after attempted murder

Disturbingly, this dangerous individual did not have to worry about being held for long. Cohen was quickly out after paying bail. Someone paid a great deal of money to have this violent activist back on the streets of Los Angeles.

There is evidently a well funded network of radical communists who are willing to financially support activists who are suspected of attempting to murder their opponents.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the charge and bail faced by Cohen was downgraded to facilitate his release.

Instead of attempted murder, Cohen is now charged only with assault with a deadly weapon. Why this was done is unclear but there is evidently someone with power in Los Angeles who is very sympathetic.

The LAPD was initially proud to point to their arrest of Cohen as proof that they are vigorously pursuing individuals suspected of causing violence at protests.

This suspect, anyway, did not remain in their custody for very long. An antifa activist can apparently stab someone in the heart and still be treated leniently by the authorities.

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