Whitmer Case Puts FBI on Trial

This time, the jury will be putting the FBI on trial as much as the defendants. Federal court proceedings are getting underway in Grand Rapids, against four men accused of conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

FBI and their trained rats

The FBI is looking more and more like a scandal-plagued agency quickly losing the trust of the American people every day.

What would generally have remained “a loose band of misfits angry at pandemic lockdowns” was prepared and prodded into “a sinister plot to abduct Whitmer from her vacation cottage and possibly kill her.

Some say the “foiled caper was yet another successful attempt by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to interfere in a election and sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

That’s why the FBI is generally called the bureau of “instigation” these days.

This isn’t the only rat trap operation Big Brother has been running. The top FBI officials all “refuse to account for its role in the events of January 6, 2021” That has Congress wondering if the bureau “assets acted improperly before and during that day.

Even though the first trials for that incident are getting off the ground this month, the DOJ still refuses to cough up “hundreds of thousands” of documents and records.

Informants and undercover agents

The Whitmer trial is expected to expose exactly what the FBI is capable of, for the public to see the deception. They are willing to do just about anything, it seems, to help the Deep State assume control and trample the Constitution into dust.

At least a dozen bureau informants and undercover agents actively participated in the Whitmer abduction scheme, well timed to disrupt Trump’s election campaign. Not only did they participate, it looks a lot like they were in charge.

The so called kidnappers are “alleged members of right-wing militia groups.” Looking closer reveals that “the government’s agents actively planned and coordinated its efforts to induce the defendants to engage in incriminating behavior and statements, even going so far as designing the objective and structural components of the conspiracy alleged in the indictment.

The FBI clearly “focused on a band of individuals with unstable personal histories and injected into the mix the kind of father-figure, military-hero role models the men craved in their lives.” Like one man everyone knew as “Dan.

Dan recruited the co-conspirator called “Captain Autism” and made him leader of the group. Without money and advice from the FBI Adam Fox would have been peacefully smoking pot and doing odd repair jobs “with his two dogs in the dilapidated cellar of a vacuum repair shop located in a Grand Rapids strip mall.” Dan, who “was paid at least $50,000 by the FBI,” quickly latched on to Fox.

Another Fed asset, Stephen Robeson, “was a longtime FBI informant working with ‘Dan‘ to lure the defendants into the Whitmer kidnapping trap. He set up the training field trips which the indigent defendants otherwise could not have attended.


FBI honey pot

Then there was “Jenny” the allegedly patriotic honey pot “also played an instrumental role.

The three FBI rats “were directly involved in every aspect of this case, every meeting, every [field training exercise] and every significant event from the day the investigation commenced in March of 2020 until the Defendant’s arrests [sic] on October 7, 2020.

CHS Dan had contact of some kind with Adam Fox every day, sometimes dozens of text messages a day.

CHS Steve and CHS Jenny were the genesis of the fictional ‘National Patriot III% Militia’ that Adam Fox joined, and his ‘membership’ in this group is now the basis for the Government’s allegation that his conduct is ‘domestic terrorism.’” The FBI doesn’t want anyone to know all that.

Defense lawyers are planning on telling the jury about “all payments and reimbursements made to both informants by the FBI.

How “they were compensated,” defense attorneys argued, would speak to their “motivation” and whether payment was contingent on inducing certain outcomes by the defendants. The rats won’t be taking the stand, unless the Defense calls them.

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