Feds Probe BLM Grifters

A screaming liberal will suddenly sound like a conservative when the money is in her pocket and people you thought were friends turn on you. Monica Cannon-Grant is a Boston based Black Lives Matter activist who’s finding herself under a federal probe for possibly plundering her multi million dollar charity. When she served on the Boston City Council she rubbed shoulders with Democrat politicians.

The probe may reveal several things

Cannon-Grant is the founder and CEO of Violence in Boston. This charity rose in prominence after George Floyd was murdered in March 2020.

She started working with Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Boston’s mayor Michelle Wu while on the Boston City Council. Cannon-Grant spoke on a recent podcast that she was under investigation since October for committing COVID-19 unemployment fraud and mortgage fraud when her husband claimed the charity as personal property. “They ultimately used him in order to investigate me,” Cannon-Grant said.

The probe is looking for fraud

For profit business isn’t the only thing that can be embezzled, charities can too. Cannon-Grant’s husband Clark Grant applied for a $402,573 mortgage in May 2021. He said the account contained $461,548.73.

Cannon-Grant said the black community was jealous of her rise and that since she worked with white Democrats she “partnered with white supremacy”. She was told she suddenly doesn’t deserve what she’s worked for.

The probe may be uncomfortable

Cannon-Grant insisted, “In 2020, we went from a $40,000, $50,000 a year organization to a [multimillion-dollar] organization — more money, more problems. The moment funding started coming in and the world started seeing us doing the work, which prompted awards and accolades, it was, ‘I want what she got. She don’t deserve it.’ This is what happens when you’re successful. This is what happens when you don’t accept mediocrity. This is what happens when you’re successful and nobody can explain your success because it’s not theirs to explain.”

One prominent donation came from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office to the tune of a $6,000 grant. How many more larger donations were there?

A probe can happen to anybody

Including a social justice warrior. In 2020 she was Bostonian of the Year by the Boston Globe. The Boston Magazine said she was the best social justice advocate that year. Pressley praised her for organizing the gun violence hearings.

Pressley came under fire for her ties to Cannon-Grant when the activist attacked Pressley’s opponent in 2020. Cannon-Grant insulted Pressley’s Republican challenger, a black woman married to a white man.

A probe can get ugly

Not unlike Cannon-Grant’s insult. “This heifer running against Ayanna Pressley — this one here with the white husband. At some point, we going to have to have a conversation with black folks who get in a relationship with white folks and then forget that they black. If white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin, then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom. … This ain’t your part of the show, and you don’t get to talk right now.”

Curiously, the BLM Global Network Foundation was investigated and shut down operations when it was found there was no known leader for millions of dollars since May. Nobody admits to it.

Probe the money

The national BLM group may be cited for tax evasion. California threatened legal action over failure to report 2020 finances.

California though allowed them to resume fundraising in late February once they did an accounting gimmick that gave it til May 15 to report 2020 income. It went from a calendar year to a fiscal year buying it more time. BLM is not in compliance in Washington. Because of the national BLM financial improprieties over several states, the Amazon charity Amason Smile discontinued their relationship.


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