Sec of Def Sends Memo, Force FULL Vaccination of ALL Members of the Armed Forces Under DoD Authority

It’s not surprising the feds are doubling down. Trump always gave people the choice, not so with this administration. If it had to do with health there would be no need for forced vaccination. The only interest here is total compliance. The armed forces of the United States has the best benefit package since you defend the greatest nation on earth. But government needs to be kept under control.

Stay of vaccination

May be happening at least under the radar. The White House Office of Budget and Management is suggesting that firing or suspending workers not in compliance be tamped down until after the new year. Losing your pay during the holidays isn’t good PR, even though the DoD probably doesn’t care about PR. This administration does what it wants.

However, the Secretary of Defense decided people need that vaccination regardless. We must be safe and healthy! A memo sent to all Secretaries of the Military said all members need to be fully vaccinated immediately.

Vaccination is required

This includes the National Guard and Department of Defense authority. The Biden administration might not have liked that the Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt asked for the National Guard to be exempt because the memo was the response. Unvaccinated members can’t participate and if you don’t show up for training you’re AWOL.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told the governor what he already knew. He said failure to comply would, “jeopardize a member’s status in the National Guard.” Get the jab or lose your job.

No exemptions for vaccination

A Lt. Colonel pilot in the Air Guard emailed the Gateway Pundit to get this out, pleading for a way for this to be at least put on ice. Among other things he fears is that the vaccination he’s required to get isn’t FDA approved. A friend of his got Senator Johnson’s attention on it as well. A part of his email read:

’m a currently serving Air National Guard member, Lt Col, pilot, with over 19 yrs in.  I love our nation deeply, I’m a God-fearing red-blooded family man, and am a faithfully serving member.  I’m currently engaged in the battle for my career and livelihood against the COVID vaccine mandate and seeking religious accommodation which I fully expect will be denied.  At the sametime, I’m thoroughly convinced that the current vaccine DOD mandate is an unlawful order since FDA licensed COMIRNATY is not available in the entire US.  Only the EUA licensed Pfizer/BioNTech is currently available and the EUAs cannot be mandated without a presidential waiver, which they don’t have nor can it be justified, according to my reading.  Per the 23 Aug FDA approval letter, it’s “legally distinct.”  Our JAG even stated that they’re two different licenses, but the DoD is simply treating them as the same.  I do not think one has to be a legal scholar to figure out that it is indeed not the same.

Are you and your team tracking this at all?

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