Infuriating: Watch as Taliban Special Forces Parade the New Weapons Joe Just Gave Them

Taliban special forces celebrated Afghanistan’s independence day by showing off some of their newly acquired American equipment. Footage of a parade in Zabul Province shows that, like fighters in other parts of the country, Taliban special forces are making good use of the weapons left behind by the United States, the vast majority of which has now fallen into the hands of the soldiers of the new regime with the collapse of the previous government.

Taliban inherits abandoned American equipment

Taliban propaganda footage has frequently shown off the special forces units organized by the group in recent years. Their effectiveness was initially doubted by some observers but they have proven to be a real threat in their attacks against both ISIS and the Afghan National Army.

These insurgent commando units are now free to pick up some of the best Western military equipment money can buy, largely thanks to American taxpayers.

The collapse of the Afghan army means that the massive stockpiles of rifles, night-vision goggles, and communication equipment provided to the country has, for the most part, been directly inherited by the Taliban.

Almost overnight the group has ensured that their infantry forces will in the future be just as well equipped and professional in their appearance as those of most other countries.

The United States devoted billions of dollars to arming and training Afghan forces in the hopes that they would use this advanced equipment to kill the very people who are now parading around with it.

Pictures and videos circulated on social media showed enormous stockpiles of weapons, in some cases never even removed from the boxes they were delivered in, now owned by Taliban forces at Afghan military bases.

A well-armed regime

Following their humiliation in Afghanistan some Biden Administration and Pentagon officials are coping with defeat by assuring the public that the Taliban will not know how to use and maintain much of the captured material.

This is completely untrue; even if the insurgents themselves lacked the proper expertise, the pilots and technicians trained by the United States over the last two decades have also fallen into their hands.

The new regime will be more than capable of securing what they need to employ their new helicopters and Humvees, which they have already been seen making use of.

Some Afghan air force pilots fled to Uzbekistan with their planes; most are still in Afghanistan and being incorporated into the military of the revived emirate.

The Taliban were able to overcome a colossal gulf in firepower and training to defeat the Afghan National Army in a matter of days.

Now the former insurgents can combine the zeal and tenacity which gave them victory after 20 long years with a truly enormous pool of resources. They are far more powerful now than they have ever been, all thanks to the American taxpayer and the Biden Administration.

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