Was it God, Mother Nature, or Some Other Force that Destroyed This Floyd Mural

Was it the hand of God? A George Floyd mural on a wall in Toledo, Ohio was reportedly blasted apart by a lightning strike on July 13. While no footage was captured of the alleged lightning strike, the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department cited eyewitness reports in their official statement attributing the destruction of the mural to lightning. While at least one city official is arguing that the building collapsed naturally, evidence appears to be saying otherwise.

George Floyd memorial destroyed by lightning bolt

According to one story, the Temple of Diana in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was destroyed by a lightning bolt on the very night that Alexander the Great was born. Supposedly the goddess was too busy watching over the birth of the future king to save her temple.

Perhaps the newly deified George Floyd was too busy threatening to shoot a pregnant woman in some celestial slum to realize that his mural was crumbling.

Or perhaps God really was displeased enough by the worship of a violent criminal to lend us a hand and blast the mural apart himself with a miraculous intervention.

Whatever the case may be, reports from Toledo seem to indicate that the George Floyd mural was indeed destroyed by lightning.

In addition to eyewitness reports, Doppler radar picked up a strike at the location of the mural around the time of the collapse yesterday.

It isn’t quite Sodom and Gomorrah, but it should certainly send a message to at least a few of the Americans who believe that it is right to idolize the George Floyd’s of the world.

Mural reduced to a pile of rubble

Skeptics continue to argue that it could have been simply the decay of the building, but they appear to be a minority in this case at the moment.

For Americans who have been forced to see the face of a deceased fentanyl addict adorning thousands of walls and memorials over the past year there are few things more cathartic than seeing that one of them has finally been blasted apart by the hand of God or at least by the forces of nature.

Derek Chauvin has already been convicted in a rather questionable trial. The demands of BLM are being put into practice by their allies in politics.

To continue with the production of George Floyd monuments at this point while monuments dedicated to heroes and leaders from American history are torn down is little more than a humiliation ritual aimed at demoralizing the sane portion of the country.

If it was vandalism that destroyed the mural, as the artist himself suggested, it would be a perfectly understandable and reasonable case of someone lashing out against this.

For now it appears that the Toledo George Floyd  memorial was indeed destroyed by a lightning strike. The heavens must have been as tired of hearing about him as we are.

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