Active Marine Arrested and Charged in Insurrection Hoax, You wont Believe What they Charged him With

An active duty United States Marine Corps officer has been arrested and charged with multiple federal offences for his part in the January 6 protest in the Capitol. Major Christopher Warnagiris is accused of placing himself in a doorway to allow others to enter the building, allegedly shoving a Capitol Police officer out of the way to do so. The incident has led to his being charged with assault, among a number of other charges.

Marines condemn arrested officer

The Marine Corps quickly rushed to condemn the Major, releasing an official statement which accused him of being  a racial extremist and a violent bigot.

Given how easy it was for the USMC to discover that a commissioned officer is actively moonlighting as a violent racial extremist, one wonders why they kept promoting him.

While this accusation from the USMC is completely fictional and slanderous, the US military has recently raced at every opportunity to disavow individuals who have served their country with distinction as soon as it becomes convenient for them.

Major Warnagiris is being treated as an untouchable domestic terrorist by the military which he has devoted his life and career to serving.

If the officer had been of another ethnicity and had only burned buildings and looted stores in the name of the national anti-white crusade then the Marine Corps would undoubtedly be treating him as a hero.

Amid widespread plans for purges of conservatives and Trump supporters from the United States Military, the Pentagon will certainly be happy to have a target like Major Warnagiris.Marine

Military purge continues

Christopher Warnagiris is described by the owners of his apartment complex as being always polite and gracious in his dealings with them  and with his neighbors.

He has no known criminal record and has otherwise served evidently without any issues in the Marine Corps for years.

Now, however, he is charged with assaulting an officer, obstruction of justice, obstruction of law enforcement, and a slew of other federal charges.

The federal government apparently hopes to make an example out of Major Warnagiris, along with the 440 others who have been arrested so far in relation to the protest.

The campaign from the federal government and from the media to depict normal Americans as violent “insurrectionists” will certainly not be finished with finding Trump supporters in the military to accuse and condemn.

When even  respected officers are treated like this by the United States Military, service will for many Americans become an increasingly unattractive option.

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