Democrats Scared Sh*tless!! Beg Military to STAY


Democrats are so terrified that they’re crapping themselves. When the hordes of Trump Supporters failed to materialize as expected for Joe Biden’s illegitimate installation ceremony, progressives really panicked. After a week of peace, the National Guard started packing for home. “You can’t do that!” They screamed.

Democrats suddenly need protection

For most of the past year, Black Lives Matter anarchists peacefully looted burned, pillaged, and plundered their way across America.

Law Enforcement was not only ordered to stand down to let the BLM rabble army burn down their precinct stations as they pleased, their budgets were slashed. Protection is one of those “White privilege” myths, Democrats insist. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Last summer, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was marching side by side with Antifa-sympathizing anarchists. At least one historic church in her district was torched. She applauded as the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials were vandalized by peaceful Democrats.

Now she’s horrified that the military may pull out and leave them defenseless with 80 million or so confused conservatives wondering “what the heck happened to the Constitution?”

Those nasty deplorable Trump Supporters might just decide to take up arms against Democrats or something.

What raises the terror level of progressives to new heights of horror is the fact that those flag waving patriots are just standing back and accepting it. Liberals can’t figure out what those pesky patriots might be up to, but they aren’t chattering like they used to.

Sketchy ‘intelligence’ claims

Mayor Bowser barked her head off when President Trump wanted to send National Guard troops to D.C. in a failed attempt to bring law and order back to the nation’s capitol.

Now that Democrats are poised to impeach Trump again, Bowser objects to them leaving. “Intelligence from our federal partners,” she begged, “would suggest that we need more presence.” But “she did not elaborate.”

With around 15,000 of the troops already heading back to where they came from, anxious Democrats are huddling around trying to come up with a way to keep a few thousand around, at least until March.

“We’re looking at probably mid-March right now. And of course, we’ll reevaluate that literally all along the way and making the determination if there needed to be that long or if we need to make adjustments,” General Daniel Hokanson, told CNN.

Without committing to any firm numbers, word around the beltway water coolers is that somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 soldiers will be posted to protect the seat of government from the citizens.

Things are too quiet in Trump land for Democrats. They were expecting the other shoe to drop when Biden officially usurped the Oval Office. Since nothing happened, anywhere, the dark cloud of frustrated patriotism is hanging over the district like a sword of Damocles.


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