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The Kayleigh Interview that EVERY American Needs to Watch

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany just had excellent interview on Fox News. She sat down with host Jesse Watters on his show Watter’s World to expose the Liberal journalists working at the White House.

Kayleigh McEnany blasts Left-wing journalists

Kayleigh McEnany was just on Fox News doing what she does best, putting Liberal journalists in their place. Host Jesse Watters kicked off the segment by pointing out the Democrat’s desperate attempt to bury the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

“The same people who said Hunter was clean as a whistle are the same people saying no, no, no, there’s no election fraud. So I think we know who to believe here,” Watters said. Then he ask Kayleigh McEnany about her recent feud with Twitter. ”Speaking of Hunter, didn’t you tweet something about Hunter and then you got knocked off social media? Are you going to be asking for an apology Kayleigh?”

Kayleigh replied, “Yes I am asking big tech for an apology. Twitter specifically, but I’m not hopeful. Yes I was censored just for tweeting the New York Post article. One of the biggest newspapers in the country was censored. I would beg the press corps and ask: Why aren’t you covering this? They would just stare at you blankly. No interest in covering this story. And here, now we know Hunter Biden is being investigated by the FBI and the DOJ. It was happening all along. The media refused to cover it. And now they’re waking up, despite people like Brian Stelter at fake news CNN calling it Russian disinformation.”

CNN still pushing the Russia hoax

Watters laughed at Kayleigh’s jab at CNN and said, “The disinformation is actually coming from CNN. But they do not see it that way. Shocking.” The New York Post published the bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s laptop on October 14, less than a month before the election. Big tech went all out in their effort to block the spread of the story. They censored people who shared the link and banned accounts of anyone posting Hunter’s now infamous crack pipe photo. Democrats and their propaganda agents in the mainstream media claimed the story was a Russian plot to steal the election from Biden. But once again, they have been proven to be complete liars. These people cannot be trusted.

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