Bloomberg-Epstein-Soros And School Girls Too

Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg ignored Iowa, so he was caught off guard when Elizabeth Warren brought up his sex problem. Liberals have been playing hide the ball with a photo of Bloomberg cuddling with Ghislaine Maxwell, and a press release linking Bloomberg to Jeffrey Epstein, George Soros, and New York City schools.

Pocahontas perturbed by Bloomberg’s behavior

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg bought himself into the 2020 race as a latecomer, through a blitz of television ads and a focus on the treasure trove of California delegates. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren took offense at that, after riding hard along the campaign warpath. For revenge, she decided to remind everyone about his past history. Not only does he run his organization like a “frat house,” he makes “crude and sexist comments” toward women.

Bloomberg makes all of his staff sign non-disclosure agreements
Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell on the Lolita Express.

Just like his pal, Jeffrey Epstein, Bloomberg makes all of his staff sign non-disclosure agreements so they can’t talk about his hanky panky. It wasn’t long before conservative fact checkers following up on Warren’s accusations uncovered even more disturbing connections. For instance, Bloomberg was photographed cuddling up between Ghislaine Maxwell and another woman. Snopes verifies its accuracy. “This is a genuine photograph of Bloomberg with Maxwell,” they confirm.

Another thing that the left-leaning main stream media is trying hard to cover up is a press release from 2014. It was scrubbed, but not hard enough. The wayback machine still has a copy. It announces that Bloomberg and his good buddy Epstein were throwing big bucks at local schools. Some of the money Bloomberg was shoveling out, to the schools that Epstein recruited his child harem from, came directly from Darth Soros himself. “Bloomberg’s funding will come through his foundation, the Young Men’s Initiative, which is also funded by George Soros Open Society Foundations,” the press release says.

Bloomberg, Epstein, and school-girls, oh my

Bloomberg was announcing that he would personally fund the creation of four charter schools in New York City. According to the hand-out, “The announcement was welcomed by New York financier and education philanthropist, Jeffrey Epstein.” It describes Epstein as “a long-time supporter of Bloomberg.”

Epstein liked schools too, especially the co-eds. Epstein, as noted in the release, “has financed numerous charter schools across the country including the Maya Angelou schools in Washington DC, the highly acclaimed Bard High School Early College in New York City and the Harlem Link Charter School.”

Can it get any worse? Yes.

Things get even more spooky in a deep-state conspiracy kind of way in the next paragraph. “In addition to funding charter and Head Start schools… Jeffrey Epstein also founded the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University… He is a former member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller University, New York Academy of Science and sits on the board of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard University.” That’s the same Harvard University linked to the Wuhan 2019-nCoV virus strain.

Wait, it gets even spookier. “Jeffrey Epstein… founded the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard with a $30 million grant to study evolution with the use of mathematics and biochemistry. The Program is under the direction of Martin Nowak, Professor of Mathematics and Biology at Harvard.”

For Michael Bloomberg, with friends like Jeffrey Epstein, who needs enemies.

  1. Bloomberg, just a rich perverted punk. He believes he can do anything he wants. Let’s see if he gets away with this one. Soros and Bloomberg should share a gallows!

  2. Michael Bloomberg just throws his money at whatever he wants, it should be illegal for him or anyone to use their money to affect the elections. There is too much money involved in these elections, there should be a cap on how much is spent and also on how much time is spent to get elected, seems that they get elected and start running again for the next election.

  3. We better turn back to God, our problems are huge! I do not want to be communist so please let’s all recommit to God and He will heal our land!!

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