18,000 Girls With Guns – The Left’s Worst Nightmare

Under a new partnership, the River Oaks Firearms Training Center in Sacramento will “provide monthly firearms training” to 18,000 girls. Liberals from coast-to-coast are screaming at the television in horror. Standing up for the Second Amendment is a great way for Girl Scouts to put those nasty Planned Parenthood false rumors to rest. They really rub salt into the wounds of progressives by doing it in Nancy Pelosi’s back yard.

Partnership a first for California Girls

River Oaks is run by the Safety First Shooting Association, a nonprofit organization that “trains more people about firearms that any other range in the state combined.” They’ve been working with 4-H and other youth groups for years but this will be the beginning of their partnership with the Girl Scouts. “This is a first for our council,” Debbie Avila relates. She is the “Heart of Central California” community engagement manager. “Marksmanship has always been apart of the our council, but we never had a partnership like this. The hope is to have our parents get involved and make it sustainable.”

It’s a first for the girls too. “Most of these girls have never handled or fired a rifle before, let alone participate in shooting sports.” The first group of 7 to 17 year-old students gathered at the range late last month for the first-ever session. About 110 kids participated.

“I was a little nervous, but at the same time I wanted to know more about rifles and guns,” 17-year-old Juniper Neff declares. “They are fascinating machines. The kickback was stronger than I expected, but I’m better at shooting than I thought I would be. I think it’s a good experience, and it’s something good to be exposed to. It gives you confidence by just doing it. I’m not sure I will ever own one, but if I ever need to use one, I know I will do so safely.” Progressive gun grabbers scream in pain.

There’s also opportunities to learn archery and survival skills along the Merced River. “I learned how to make a shelter out of everyday things like a garbage bag, and where to build a fire, and how to survive without bottled water or food,” an excited Beatrix Z’berg reports. Her mother, Sarah, was just as psyched. “I think it’s great to have all these volunteers who take time to teach these lessons. And we are very fortunate to have these spaces and environments. We are visiting from a very urban environment in the center of Sacramento. I think this will be an experience my daughter will never forget.”

Well trained experts

The gun experts are well trained. They donate their time, as well as all the equipment and safety materials. All the girls learn the basics of firearm history and safety. The older kids “have a chance to participate at the rifle range and the trap shooting range, along with trying out black powder rifle shooting and Western action shooting.”

River Oaks has been around since 1997. According to Michael Bettencourt who owns the land, “we wanted to make sure the kids knew about gun safety, and we wanted everybody to know that kids shoot for free at the range — and that’s still true today.” About 11,000 people of all ages use the facility each year. They point out, “that number is down slightly in part because of new gun legislation that limits or restricts the sale of ammunition to law-abiding gun owners.”

That isn’t stopping them. “The volunteers are moving forward with the help of grants and community donations.” They plan to roll out a new self-defense course “for members of the faith-based community in light of recent gun violence at churches across the nation.”

  1. Great idea! I can’t imagine that the Progressive Girl Scout organization would allow this. Hope that it is not too little too late.

  2. For all my failures and few successes as a Dad, teaching my son and daughter to be responsible and active gun owners is one I’m most proud of.

  3. We lived in the Country when I was a tyke. My father gave me a .22 and taught me to shoot when I was five. I qualified EXPERT when I joined the Air Force twelve years later.

  4. Back while I was in the Navy a report came out that the most lethal fighting force anyone could have was 1,000 females under 5’4” and in a permanent state of PMS. It was speculated that such a force could conquer the world in no time. Now was this a joke possibly but the short ladies I knew back then said it was spot on. So if we are talking 18,000 teen girls everyone has cause to fear if they were aimed at them.

  5. I think it is a great idea if just because of liberal democrats encouraging terrorist to attack people, loot and burn our cities down. These girls may need to defend themselves and their homes.

  6. This is WONDERFUL! EVERY girl and boy should learn about firearms and firearm safety. The experience will end the absurd false claims of the likes of Mike “Dipstick” Bloomberg and his anti-gun campaign. Anti-gun folks are either ignorant of firearms or want to control the population which they cannot do as long as we are armed.
    I learned to shoot at age 5 and have had a personal rifle/pistol for 73 years. I have a small range on the back of my property in East Texas and shoot regularly.
    Hat off to ya for your program! ! ! !

  7. With TRUTH comes understanding. Guns of course don’t kill people. People kill people with guns. With UNDERSTANDING comes KNOWLEDGE! Here’s the deal. The communist democrats in attempting to remove OUR 2nd Amendment right, use fear and confusion to scare the people into joining their movement.

  8. Now these Lady’s are real Patriots not afraid to standup for there country and fight against BLM and Antifa thugs and lets all get involved to keep this country Free.

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