FBI Makes Their Move on a Republican Senator and It’s Not Looking Good

Things aren’t looking very good for one Republican Senator. In fact for Richard Burr, things are looking pretty grim. The FBI made a bold move Wednesday, executing a search warrant in a raid of his home to seize his cell phone. The North Carolina statesman was quick to unload some controversial stocks in the early days of the Covid-19 crisis.

FBI seizes cell phone from stock dumping Senator

An officer of the law confirmed reports that agents of the Federal Bureau of Instigation served a warrant and “confiscated the senator’s cellphone.” Another official admitted that an earlier warrant had been served to “obtain information from the senator’s iCloud account.” The Department of Justice is putting all the calls between Senator Burr and his financial wizards under the microscope.

The Senator denies any wrongdoing in the matter and has already gone on record to request a formal ethics review of the matter. He appears to be fully cooperating with the investigation. Burr is only one of a handful of prominent politicians who came under fire for unloading their portfolio just ahead of the inevitable collapse. Regarding Burr, the FBI wants to know how he managed to sell up to $1.7 million worth of stock at just the right moment.

According to official Senate records, Between Burr and his wife, they sold somewhere between $600,000 and $1.7 million worth of stock. They didn’t do it all at once, they spread it out. The couple made “more than 30 transactions in late January and mid-February.” Conveniently, that was “just before the market began to nosedive and government health officials began to sound alarms about the virus.” It seems that the Burrs were heavily invested in hotels.

Burr insists his trades weren’t based on inside information

Just because Senator Burr happened to be present during the earliest briefings about the rapidly expanding coronavirus pandemic, doesn’t mean he used anything he learned in those meetings improperly. The Senator insists that the inside knowledge wasn’t the motivating factor.

Instead, he claims that anyone who could read the headlines in the news would see the writing was on the wall in big bold neon letters. He admits he sold his stocks, based simply on “public news reports.” One in particular that prompted the action was “CNBC’s daily health and science reporting out of Asia.”

There might be something on Senator Burr’s phone which contradicts that story. The FBI couldn’t grab his phone without a warrant. In order to get it, they had to convince a judge that there was “probable cause that a crime was committed.” Even if they have to make it up, the way they did to get the wiretap warrant on Carter Page.

What did he tell his brother-in-law?

ProPublica did some digging into the matter and they are convinced that Barr’s brother-in-law has something to do with the FBI raid. The exact same day that Burr dumped his stock holdings, so did Gerald Fauth. The member of the National Mediation Board dumped “between $97,000 and $280,000 worth of stocks in a total of six transactions.” Every one of them happened on February 13, 2020. It was the sales that Burr made that day which put him on FBI radar.

According to reports, “Burr’s sales that day reportedly led to the Securities and Exchange Commission investigating whether non-public information played a role.” His attorney, Alice Fisher, flatly denies any wrongdoing. “Sen. Burr participated in the stock market based on public information and he did not coordinate his decision to trade on Feb. 13 with Mr. Fauth.”

Senator Burr isn’t the only one in hot water for some shady stock deals. Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and her husband sold off a huge chunk of their holdings on January 24. That was the same day she attended “a closed-door coronavirus briefing as a member of the Senate Health Committee.” Loeffler says she had nothing to do with the trades.

“If you actually look at the personal transaction reports that were filed,” Loeffler points out, I’m only informed of my transactions after they occur.” Several weeks after. Her broker makes those decisions, not her.

  1. Burr is nothing but a RINO in sheep’s clothing. I hope like heck he goes to prison. He’s the same one who sided with the demo-rats into Trump. He is trouble…and even looks shady. VOTE wisely my friends…do homework before electing RINOs pretending to be Republicans in office.

    1. I would agree but if a rino is running against a democrat i’ll take the rino just to get the majority. it’s is up to us to primary these rinos so they don’t get the chance to run in the first place.

  2. Real repub leadership would check out these type people who run as a republican and do something to discourage them from running. I’m beginning to see that too many repubs are RINOs and are glad to have one of their own run as a republican.

  3. everyone crys about any Republican lol . I bet no one cryed when the delusional democrats like hillary and Obama ran a racists corruption government . Everyone seems to forget real quick how things were with them in office . How many died with them in office ??? Hell the count still rises today . Corruption is corruption no matter who does it . Just look at all the delusional democrat governors and mayors backing the terrorists groups like BLM and alfa . You dont see any republicans doing that only the delusional democrats . How many kids must die cause only their life’s matter . The delusional democrats don’t care , they have armed guards protecting them inside their walled homes . Seems the delusional democrats are the problem with our government right now . Their trying to rig the election again like they did in 2016 . I bet they still lose again , they just can’t seem to hide their lies fast enough . It burns them everytime . Even the FBI lied for them . Why isn’t anyone crying about that ??? Why isn’t any of them in jail for their corruption ???? These are the questions to be asked but never will be . Corruption at it’s best . This is why we are losing our country and freedom . Remember that when your controlled like sheep by the delusional democrats and their terrorist pets . The master will control everything like in the old days of slavery . it was the delusional democrats that controlled the slaves and the kkk . They still do today … BLM is the new day slaves controlled by the delusional democrat masters

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