Video: Law Enforcement Take Their City Back, BLM and ANTIFA Scatter Like Roaches


The law and conservatives ARE fighting back. The media isn’t going to report about it. The media exists to dispirit those who want law and order into thinking we’re just going to sit there and do nothing. Why vote those people back in if our cities are being destroyed and nobody moves a muscle to stop it? This is Seattle. Somebody got to the governor, asked for a little push back. Otherwise, Democratic governor Jay Inslee really needs to keep the war going.

Without law and order we’re screwed

It’s a good first step. There needs to be more though, because once the smoke clears the roaches will be back.

The flash bangs need to be replaced with at least fire works. Something that inflicts damage, not just disorient.

Law seeks to reroute behavior

Because the flash bangs are temporary. Stronger water pressure needs to be exerted on them. This is provided the law actually wants to affect change. There needs to be stronger push back and a plan behind it since this is war.

It’s why we have the death penalty. Inappropriate behavior can’t always be rerouted. You can’t constantly have people hurting or killing others and not have punishments.

Law needs to have more teeth

Unless there’s a reason to not push back with more force. This is Democratic Seattle, Washington. They need to follow the DNC marching orders to keep as much chaos going as long as possible.

Once the election is over, both the rioting and COVID are likely to be “magically gone”. It’s all designed to make Trump look as bad as possible if he can’t be unseated.

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  1. The countless examples of ” no respect for authority”, lack of ANY accountability for ones actions, historic ” false sense of security” allowed by parents or guardians, and definitely particular sections of the population who are supporting Marxist, Socialist and Communist. Any type of government that seeks to control another type of government happens when a particular group within that government has grown to be selfish, greedy, imperialistic, dictatorial and spoiled rotten. These types of governments are allowed to flourish simply because BULLIES EXIST…. E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

  2. If just the police/NG showing up is not enough, then water cannons, LRADs, and other crowd dispersement tools should be used. Any attempting to use deadly force against others (rocks, are deadly force) should be shot.

  3. It is long overdue . The mayor and leaders allowed this nonsense to go on far to long . The Police should have been permitted to do their job right from the start instead of being told to stand down . Lord knows what sort of damage has been done to business’s and shops in the district , hopefully none .

  4. The teaser for this story is being down right MEAN to poor little cockroaches. To call that scum and again I apologize to scum cockroaches is giving them far more credit than that lot deserves. They all need hunted down and ended with MASSIVE AMOUNTS of LETHAL FORCE. Wipe them out to the last body. That is what should happen to every member of both ANTIFA and the 90% of BLM that were and are RIOTING.

  5. There’s a standard promoted by such historical advocates of CLASSICAL Liberalism like Adam Smith that WITHOUT property rights there can be NO political rights. So if the state can take your property if you fail to submit to their demands, you have no real freedom. It’s dependent upon the whims of the state.

    The Left know this and thus are trying to destroy property rights. That’s why they call for abolishing capitalism. It was the goal of Hitler who used a radical form of fascism and the goal of Karl Marx.

    For more than a century we’ve had to contest with FABIAN socialists. Sec. Clinton was one. But since Mr. Obama’s designated heir and cohorts didn’t win in 2016 or succeed in the coup attempt against Pres. Trump, the Left has taken of their masks (figuratively) and gloves (literally) and are demanding leftist socialist/communist tyranny through a French or Soviet style revolution.

  6. What the police should do is arm themselves with smoke grenades and stun-batons, shoot smoke grenades at the thugs’ feet, and as soon as the smoke rises, wade into the smoke swinging stun batons at waist-height. Anyone the batons hit will be zapped unconscious. When the thugs are all unconscious or fled, the cops can then pass among the snoring bodies cuffing them, then stacking them in the paddy-wagons. Let the thugs wake up in the cells, facing charges.

  7. You’re very stupid if you think flash bangs can’t cause damage. This is why people hate media constant misinformation.


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