Gretchen Whitmer Grovels For Trump to Bail Her Out After She Fails Horribly


Democrats are nothing if not predictable. The strategy was for blue states to crash their economy and have the conservative states and/or Trump bail them out. Michigan just happens to be the first. Thankfully for the most part Trump is staying away. His position has consistently been “it’s up to the states”. To Gretchen’s chagrin, people vote with their feet. People have started leaving those blue states for those that are open.

Trump understands business, Gretchen Whitmer does not

Michigan is still closed. If it keeps going on this trajectory, parts of it will become a ghost town. All she has to do is start opening back up but that may be against DNC orders. All the states that need bailouts are Democrat run.

She’s also backing the mob. Police forces in some cities are resigning because their local government is also backing the mob rather than police. Cops have every right to walk if there’s no support.

Without business you have no tax revenue

There’s no reason for Trump or any conservative state to bail out somebody who deliberately shoots themselves in the foot. If the DNC is open to doing that, that’s up to them. The DNC may indeed be doing this. There are appearances to hold up.

Another good reason for withholding the money is Whitmer would hold it. Like at least one other state, money that’s meant for COVID help would go to something else. And she’d cry about what she’d done. The only way for COVID money to get where it needs to go is find those affected businesses and direct deposit.

Pensions are even in trouble

That’s a state problem and has been around for longer than COVID, Trump is aware of this.

“We’re not interested in solving their pension problems for them, we’re not interested in rescuing them from bad decisions they’ve made in the past,” McConnell said late April.

The option is there to reimburse expenses that are COVID related but not a bailout. “I think Congress is inclined to do a lot of things, but I don’t think they’re inclined to do bailouts,” Trump said to the New York Post. “A bailout is different than, you know, reimbursing for the plague.

There’s no guarantee, like in Michigan, that money for COVID would even get to where it needs to go. “What we’re asking, every state is asking, because of the coronavirus, we need financial help in restarting the economy, and that’s what we’re asking for from the federal government,” said Governor Cuomo.

All the states need to do is open up and reduce taxes. The business and money would come flooding back in.

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  2. All the states have to do is to lower taxes and open up-the money would come rolling in. Holy crap-for a Democrat to be required to lower their taxes is a heresy. It’s just so much easier if the folks in the red states just write a check for the blue states so they can use that money to get back on their feet. The blue states shut their economies down as a means of hurting Trump’s chances for reelection, now the citizens are getting restless and want to go back to work (some are even leaving to go where people are working again) and the governors are losing their leverage for getting a federal bailout. File the whole damned thing under karma.

  3. As an American tax payer I say NO to bailing out any of these Politicians and people who rioted . The damages were made by people who support Democraps and their Disastrous policies that lead to the riots. Those who rioted burned down their own things and to help either would send the message that rioting and just plain WILLFUL IGNORANCE is to be rewarded. So Trump should give them NOTHING let them pay for their actions. That way next time they might use their Brains and do away with the Black real Enemy Democraps.

  4. Money will go where it is best treated. Let these democrat-socialist states implode, and the liberals can feed on their own. NO TO ANY AID TO A DEMOCRAT HELD CITY OR STATE.

  5. Please President Trump, DO NOT GIVE IN TO THESE PATHETIC DEMOCRAT STATES. They made their bed so let them lay in it. If you even for one second think about giving in, it will be the worst mistake you ever make. We Red State people did not do this; they did it to themselves. And, in no way do we want to pay for it. Please, please, please do not give in.

  6. What happened to following the Constitution! What happened to the Government taking an oath of office and working for We The People? Bail yourself out or watch your state go under. Stop playing politics and your hatred for one person and do something proactive like you were hired to do!

  7. As a 75 year old 100% disabled Vietnam veteran with a 53 year old degree in GOVERNMENT he had WHEN he served in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade as a chaplain’s assistant and therefore under the Geneva Accords, also field protection for his assigned Chaplain, (whose record I will reveal a bit later,) when we ALL served to preserve what once represented this country, I truly hope that Whitmer and ALL the enemy within types of the leftist lunatic Progressive Democratic party and Deep State Cabal of The scoundrel Obama’s “Fundamental Change,” are finally indicted, charged and tried for sedition and high treason. Some , like Whitmer, De-Blassio, Andrew Cuomo the Lightfoot fraud in Chicago and Bowser in D.C. should go to prison for ineptitude and rampant stupidity by party policy and NOT in accordance with, but in VIOLATION of their oaths of Office. They need to be held responsible and accountable for their 4 year plot , Especially the holdovers and principals of the Obama administration for the internal turmoil by DESIGN, to end the Power of the Presidency as Chief Executive and the very existence of the Constitutional Republic. What has happened to this country since my HONORABLE and disabling service 52 years ago is truly CRIMINAL, AND IT NEEDS TO BE RECOGNIZED AS SUCH AND ALL WORKING TO SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW WHILE GIVING LIP SERVICE TO IT WHILE THEIR ACTIONS SHOW THEIR TRUE INTENT. In Vietnam, my Chaplain was MOH awardee for valor (CPT) Charles Angelo liteky of the 199th and he is unique in American History as the only man to ever in the MOH and then reject it in protest of Iran Contra in 1986 by leaving it in an envelope with a letter to then President Reagan at the Vietnam Memorial Wall after completing a 47 day hunger strike as part of the protest. he died on Inauguration Day in 2017, alone and forgotten by everyone n this country in a northern California Hospice and I , having known the man personally and admiring him as the bravest and most fearless man and most charitable I have known in my entire lifetime and with the background of subsequent experience for my last 2 years AFTER Vietnam assigned as staff at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the swamp that even then in 1969 was Washington, D.C., I am appalled at the degenerate, valueless Racially divided and Leftist lunacy oriented den of iniquity the country has transformed itself into. This has been in the works since the JFK assassination in ’63 when I was a freshman in college and also the year U.N. Agenda 21 began working to end Sovereignty and destroy this country implementing Agenda 21 by any and ll means possible with a lot of help from their Democratic “friends ,” here, the enemy within, and Globalist thugs Word-wide, including many from our supposed “Allies,” If you are observant and informed: follow the events from the quiet announcement, look at U.N. Agenda 21 and its objectives, then follow the chain of events since to the present and SEE the Deadly connection. then NEVER vote for another Leftist dolt and fraud posing as something their every thought , word and deed, and their tripling of the debt in the 8 year reign of ruin and grasping attempts to totally control every aspect of YOUR life by Obama and Company proves them NOT to be; AMERICAN CITIZEN SERVERS AND CONSTITUTIONALLY LOYAL! OPEN YOUR EYES, OBSERVE THE SOCIETY CRUMBLING AND END THIS MADNESS AT THE POLLS IN NOVEMBER, ONCE AND FOR ALL BY REMOVING EVERY DEMOCRAT. THEY WILL GET THE MESSAGE AND THEY WON’T LIKE IT AND NEITHER WILL ANTIFA AND BLM AND ALL THE OTHER GROUPS INIMICAL TO US ALL. We should defund and evict the U.N. from American Soil for seditious activities and interference in OUR Domestic affairs PERIOD. The U.N. is a mistake of MASSIVE proportions and would NOT exist for long if we withdrew and stopped funding all but the 2% to retain our seat in the Security Council as a permanent member and to allow us to keep an eye on Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea. THAT would stop a lot of the BS we have put up with since the end of World war 2. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; NO MORE, NOT NOW NOT EVER!

  8. “Open up and reduce taxes.” Incredibly accurate, simple, wise and also, impossible for Commucrats who are shut-down in a last ditch effort to hurt Trump’s image. So, the most productive citizens (those who actually work instead of holding their hands out for my tax money) are moving out of blue states, improving productivity of the already succeeding red states, while the liberal blue states are experiencing a snowball of an increasingly non-productive populace, increasing welfare class, decreasing retail sales and a loss of devotion to leftist philosophy. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

  9. Let that damn liberal bitch burn in her own soup! She deliberately ran that state into the ground! She bankrupted it! She has let islamic and extremist liberals run rampant with open reign in her state! Let MI suffer the consequences! And then let the citizens that are smart enough take her out and replace her with a Republican or Conservative that will enforce the laws, will hold lawbreakers accountable, will squash islamic terrorism, will maintain and support the police to do their jobs, and punish protesters, BLM, anarchists, and others with the full weight of the law!

  10. Americans should not bail out these stupid Democrat cesspool states with our tax money. I assure you, there is a bottom to every well.

  11. Heck no—the American taxpayer’s should not bail her out and the rest of the Democrats who have destroyed the cities and states that they were elected to serve. She clearly saw her role as a dictator and she abused and victimized all of her constituents. The courts have reversed everyone of her inept and anti-American decisions. She is an abysmal failure but obviously hasno remorse. Interesting that all the democratically controlled cities and states are on the verge of bankruptcy and that was happening years before the Coronavirus. She along with the rest of the social/communist Dems have abused their positions, their Constituents and betrayed the American people and all the US stands for way too long and their time of reckoning is at hand and it is long overdue. Truth be told many of the Democrats in office currently should be prosecuted and jailed. It’s all about political power for them even if their actions/decisions are to the detriment of the American people and the US. Term limits now!!!!!!!!


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